Evolve bronies for friends with a n00b (PS4)


Hey, I’m new to Evolve and want to meet a few people who also enjoy de pones.

My favorite pony is Cheese Sandwich and my PSN is Bugsyjr9000 (Haven’t gotten my ps4 or actual game yet, but I want to get some people ready before-hand)


PSN, is demonhunter1245.

#Here we go.

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Updated Title with (PS4) for other ps4 players.

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Psn: Reefermadness23

Always looking for a party in the evening eastern time


Welcome to the forums dude. Hopefully you’re here for the long run. :smile:

It may be worth giving this thread a read, it has all the information you need to know on how the forum works.

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I want you too know

If we yell at you

It’s because we love you

No it’s because we want to win, but that may make you feel better


Welcome to the community!


Feel free to add me for some Evolve fun!

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What do you think you will prefer: Monster, or Hunter?

Keep in mind Monster is way more stressful. :wink:

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PSN ryn0014 if you want to learn about Mr Lazarus (Medic) or Behemoth tips.
You can also add PSN Crysbrown08 as well, she plays a mean Sunny. (Support)


You can also join up with this PS4 Evolve community. Plenty of people on there. If you’re not sure how or just can’t find the community group, just leave a message in the topic below asking for an invite.


It is? :confused:


Lol I think hunter is easier, yus.


Hunter is way harder and more stressful imo.

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Depends on the monster I guess.


King Sombra.


Because they want to create a community where they know each other.


In no way whatsoever is he “Invading” this forum. If you wish to not participate in such things please leave this thread. Thank you.


This is one thread in the LOOKING FOR GROUP section looking for evolve players who also like MLP. This is not an invasion, calm down.


This is America, so I apologize that you don’t get the way you want.

Let this person find a group.


Once again, I will say.