Evolve Bootcamp Double Feature


Seeds Tutorial, double feature. Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


That first thumbnail though.


Unfortunately dodging Kelder is easier said than done…


I was on Evolve’s Twitter and I saw EK had a new picture different from Kraken. So I was trying to find new videos after the Macropatch too see the full picture. Then I am not seeing any, so I hit the page number 7 and saw your video that was released 2 HOURS ago. So I thought there would be a picture in there (I was wrong) Then I come back on here and I see you posted something new and BOOM the second video. I am listening to the video as we speak.


i went over steps you can take to help yourself.


Imma rebuttal your points though.

  1. I always pick JH as medic, but if Kelder has you in a stunlock or keeps meleeing you, you can’t jump out in time for the pounce.

As for other classes, JH would be great if you knew that the monster would be Kelder.

  1. Banchee Missile is impossible to dodge if Kelder shotguns it in your face, all of 3 meters away.

  2. Death Spiral can be useless, but how it clips through walls allows it to down hunters who have no JP and low on HP. If Kelder uses DS then pounces you, then that’s extreme damage.

  3. Lightning strike is also a shotgun move up close that puts hunters into a stun. This stun nulls hunters dodging of escaping and can shread through any healing or shields.

This is a case of De Jure and De Facto. Just because Kelder has abilities that can be dodged, doesn’t make them dodge able. You provided good ways of dodging, but not scenarios of how to dodge, per say is Kelder is on your back, shot gunning his BM.


I also took a video of an arena battle with Kelder. None of your tips could save some of the hunters in situations.

I’ll see if I can edit it and upload it to show why people think Kelder is OP.


With those same clips, i could explain how you failed to adhere to the guidelines proposed in the video.


You can. I’m not perfect. But to fight Kelder to your tips leaves very little margin of error. Even without your tips, there is a very thin line for doing everything correctly.


Question to the Blood Lust video. Did you win?


On that one, i lost because i missed 1 fissure during the stage 3 final fight.


The purpose of the video wasnt to provide a fool proof method, it was to provide steps and tricks to assist in the dodging. Majority of our members dont even know that stealth pounce is dodgeable.

Pulling a Flawless game isn’t possible on either side. there are steps you can take to assist in your development and movement towards a solution.
Proper positioning, and understanding mechanically when you need to dodge, and when you need to tank an ability, IS the difference between surviving a fight, or dying because your medic cant heal you enough.

However, in my experience. Labelling something as “OP therefor i cant beat it”. Never leads to a productive result.

In order for EK to properly execute the shotgun, they need to land the banshee missile AND the stealth pounce. In the video i discuss how to dodge both core combo abilities. This should allow your medics/supports enough time to heal you and assist your survival.

I also mentioned the use of Sunny, or Caira being exceptional in this situation because of their ability to provide movement, and vertical positioning. Accelerate increases jump height, along with jetpack booster being ideal for getting a targeted hunter out of a combo situation.


That is, if Kelder isn’t going after them first.


It’s all about timing. The longer it takes for the monster to down someone, the more he is punishing himself. It is a mixture of making sure that the fight keeps going.

If Elder Kraken does go after the support, medic can always heal him, support can still try to cloak afterwards (when his health is going a bit too low) and later shield the medic (who is now being focused by EK).

Every ability dodged can be counted as a couple of second where you either survive the incapacitation or manage to punish the monster hard enough to go away afterwards.


btw, I’m a perfect example for Blood Lust on Goliath because I pay attention to my hp 5seconds before I die D:


Quebec gets it


I feel that pain the same way…My biggest issue as a monster still (that, and the “shear” amount of sweating after each match)


I just don’t care, I hate running until its necessary, and thats usually right before I die. But if you would bet against me during the match with low HP, you might lose that bet


Oooohhhhh, evil.


How to dodge Elder Kraken? Remember the names and badges of people who play him. If you face them again, quit the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: