Evolve black screen


When I start the game the screen becoles black but the sound continues. When I click on something it works too but I can t see anything
Does someone know what to do?


Hi @Boschthos!

Welcome to the TRS forums!

Before I help you with your issue, I just want to provide you with a link to our community guidelines (and other useful information) so you can get accustomed with everything you need to know.

That said, I’m sorry to hear you can’t play the game and that you’re getting a black screen. I would find that annoying as well, but let’s see what can do about it :slight_smile: .

First, try some steps mentioned in this big troubleshooting thread here:

This has been known to work for most issues, so let us know if the problem still persists afterwards.


Ok I thank you I will try to solve the problem
thanks for the quick reply


Hi again
It has changed nothing but what I didnt mentionned before is that I can see my mouse but nothing else



Now, the troubleshooting thread I posted is quite extensive and it should normally take quite some time to perform all steps listed there. Can you tell me what exact steps you have done already so far?


I verified the integrity of the game cache and i locked out
and I have no directX or VCRedistr so can’t patch them
my windows is up to date


Both DirectX and Vcredist can be found within the game folders where you can reinstall each program (location for it has been given in our troubleshooting steps as well)

Aside from that, there is also a step (if your scrol lower the troubleshooting thread) called User Data. In there you’ll find a potential fix that might help with your black screen issue.


ok thanks I will continue trying


Thanks a lot now it is working