Evolve Biscuits!


My bakery skills are somewhat poor when it comes to text decor, but I’m pleased with the result, even if the ‘red’ food dye turned out to be either purple or pink.
The biscuit base is ginger bread. @Chloe @DamJess
I started with the rolled out dough, then cut a square out of it

The edges were wavy so I sliced them out then either quartered the remaining square to make the EVOL or halfed it to make the long E

This made about five logos along with the V I cut out myself

After that it was just icing!
Here’s the first one:


Dude! That’s just amazing!


Now I want to attempt Goliath shaped pancakes…this will get messy.


Awesome nerdy nummies!


I think it’s awesome how so many people on here are doing these kinds of things. Fun community we have here! :slight_smile:



Now I’m hungry!!!


Keep baking until release maybe we can all get a letter!


Ooooooh they’re so cool! Like little candy love hearts!

Except they’re shaped like squares, and instead of messages they have letters and instead of being candy. . .you get the idea, THEY’RE GREAT! :smiley:


Dang I want to try that now…

Hopefully without burning down my kitchen


If I can make a suggestion for the red dye?

Red Velvet cakes are made with beets, typically, to give the blood red colouring. But as they are chocolate-flavoured, I’d assume the undyed dough might be a brownish colour. Perhaps if you made your dough/icing chocolate flavoured/coloured, you could add in a red dye to turn it into the desired colour!

Or perhaps you could use beets/beet powder to make the dye!

Good luck if you ever try to make another batch! I’d love to munch on them cookies >:D

Evolve Bucket Biscuits!

Thanks! I’ll use some beet powder in my next bake!


hmmmm tasty