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I’d imagine it wasn’t even close when you have monsters at stage 2 and up. Probably pretty comparable at stage 1. Part of the issue with a limited-time test pre-release is that some of the hunters who are proficient at fighting Kraken were the second line guys, and also, fewer people had experience fighting him. He was easier to pick up and play as a monster player than he was to fight against as a hunter, and he has extremely strong attacks (vortex was even buffed damage wise) so it was a skewed stat.



I don’t suppose you remember what any of the hunters names were? I tended to be quite the arse with Laz when it came down to waiting out the clock on some maps. In fact, we timed out 2 Kraken players resulting in a hunter win. Both of those games were close to 25-30 minutes. Or what was your name in the Alpha?



Going to have to disagree with you here… Pretty much all the classes require a ton of skill and quick thinking in the midst of battle. The only thng I could say is that assault is the easiest to play badly. If I had 1 new person on my team, I’d want him to go assault as that’s the easiest to pick up/play at a lower level. You have a bad medic, your team will be at low health/monster won’t get tranqed enough etc. Bad trapper, and you will miss some mobile arenas, and when trapped in there, the monster won’t be held down as much, as some new players struggle to learn how to strategically place the harpoon trpas, or sometimes don’t even bother with them, and just use machine gun. Bad support and you lose key shielding/ strategically timed cloak. Bad assault, and you might miss out on some arc mines, but I’d say that assault is the best role for a less good player. Its easier to play as assault with middle skill, then it is to learn and get to middle skill with the other hunter



You misunderstood what I said - I was referring to

and the way they think.

It’s easy to determine what the CORE roles of the classes are, but support is problematic,(I’m still talking about players new to co-op games or having a hard time understanding how each class doing it’s job is essential to achieve victory) simply because it requires you to be on your toes at any given time,so you could support any of your team members in any way required(be it dealing damage,picking them up,making the monster focus you, acquiring a buff,making sure you can get to your team in their time of need,scouting,cutting off etc.)- which covers many more and much more diverse activity than any other class in the game and that makes it confusing for new players discouraging them from picking the class.

In essence a support class is a multi-tasker that can try to mitigate any lacks the team might have as a whole(not neglecting his unique abilities of course)and the class that has to think forward most of the time,taking every aspect of the match into deep consideration.

If you meant

then I said it half serious. Supports in games aren’t necessary to win(exactly because of their diversity- other classes can divide the supports duties and do it well), but when everything goes to hell or the situation is dire- it’s the support I count on the most(even proven in Evolve where the only thing preventing you from losing to that S2 dominating monster/your team being the “three stooges” and letting you return in the dropship to get another chance at him is the supports invisibility)

It’s a personal opinion mind you, but as a player who starts with and usually settles on playing support class in every game(even though it might not be the most enjoyable simply because it’s so complicated), it makes me sangry(sad & angry) that support classes are not given the credit they deserve- just because you don’t see the immediate effects of their doings or don’t think about what would happen if they haven’t done one of the things they did during a match.



That covers pretty much every class roles xD. Don’t get me wrong. I understand supports importance, I’d just say that the other hunters have equally important roles. I sort of understand where youre coming from, in that when I’m Griffin, after the monster is domed, I’ll spend most my time harpooning, whereas hank has to cycle between damage, shielding, the tactical cloak, as the occasional barrage. Similarly, Val has to swap between tranq gun, creating weak spots and healing team players, whilst Assault normally just shoots, and lays mines/throws grenades. So yeah, you could say that support is most complicated because you have so many things to do, but personally, I find all roles equally challenging to play well against a high level monster.



I never denied the importance of other classes,but in regards to your reference to Val/Markov -that’s the point. They have a limited set of actions and they HAVE to stick to them in order to be effective,rarely even having the TIME to focus on anything else.

But that’s still not the point,because basically we agree and what I meant was(and you somewhat said it in the previous post) the % of classes played was dependent on how easy they are to pick up- and I only expanded on the support class to bring up the reasons why he’s the hardest to pick up.

Once you know what to do and the players playing other classes know what they’re supposed to do as well,it’s very balanced, but the support is the only class actually capable of carrying the team(or at least making them survive longer)- so in a situation with 3 newbie players and an experienced player playing support- the support is simply not going to have a fun time and will find it hard to fill his role well,not knowing how good his team mates are- which leads to players being discouraged from playing him(and when the support player is also a noobie he’ll be COMPLETELY clueless as to what he’s supposed to be doing. Most inexperienced support players I’ve seen focused on one thing and one thing only- dealing damage.)

oh,and also this.

Exactly. The support has to be flexible and be able to step in where the team is lacking or do something others can’t do simply because they have to focus on their class specific tasks. Remember that the maps aren’t THAT big,so setting up kill zones with all deployables on the ground and an area fitting to use the arena on might not be as uncommon as you’d think. In such a situation,considering we’re playing all T1 hunters- Maggie and Markov have to set up traps,Val has to stay relatively close because she’ll be needed immediately when the fight starts, plus she can’t chase because she’s got no means of escape if the monster sees her all alone and decides to pounce/combo her. Hank is ideal in such a situation to chase and harass the monster, being able to GTFO quickly using his invisibility. Even if the monster doesn’t realize that Hank is alone and uses all his traversal skills to create distance-preferably-and that would be Hanks aim-towards the kill/trap zone, Hank still has gigantic range on the Orbital Barrage, very long range on the shield projector(so he should be able to get into the fight before anyone goes down) and pretty decent accuracy with his Laser cutter if he can’t get close to the team for any reason. He’ll also be the most preferable character to pick up fallen team mates simply because of his cloak. That is ONE example and I could come up with a lot other tactics/situations to provide more, but I’m a little too lazy to elaborate on such a huge subject. Just to counter “anyone can do this”- yes,anyone can,but support is the OPTIMAL class to do it. It not only lets the team focus on their class specific tasks(have I said that already?) but all of these tasks are optional and situational for the others,while for the support they are essential.

the more I write the more chaoti it gets,so my apologies,I hope you get what I mean.



Mine was for PS4 and I was playing Goliath, but Hydra-Wolf was my name anyway. The long matches are always the most epic. So much go between and you never know who will win.

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