"Evolve Big Alpha – Thank You‏" message from 2K



I cant believe support was least played. Bucket was my favorite to play as.


Assualt Kappa


so from 750k hunter wins and 580k monster wins whats the win% of each faction? toolazy to calculate
And are these numbers cleaned up from all the junk data that they picked up?


I’m also curious to see the Kraken win loss rate specifically. I’m not in the Kraken is BS camp, but I’d still be interested to know.


If i remember right someone posted that if the kraken gets to stage 3 it has a 90% win rate.


Hunters = 56.75% win
Monster = 43.25% win


thank you kind sir.


No problem! That’s using the exact figures listed here (total of 1,327,493 games finished), rather than rounded numbers.


Cool infographic! The hunter and monster silhouettes are rather cute. Over a million rounds too - wow! I’m also surprised that the class popularity was :assault: :monster: :medic: :trapper: :support: . I wonder what it will be at release?


I was wondering how support was least popular as well. As far as the Kraken goes, the only problem was the hit boxes, and that is fixed now. I think people will be saying the third monster is OP when we get into the beta. How crazy will that be. It was uncommon to see a Kraken in the alpha. What about the first time _______ shows up in a game? :stuck_out_tongue: I am so excited


Who the heck pulled off a 40 minute match?



and to think there were so many “Monsters are OP”-threads and claims and plenty of people not dropping a single game is 50++ matches as a Monster !


It was probably done intentionally by someone


I think support was the least played because it’s a class that’s the hardest to figure out what to do with - least straightforward compared to the rest.

The chart says it all- easiest class to figure out- assault=damage dealing,then health sustain = medic,then trapper-simple:track & catch and lastly support- erm…invisibility?HUH?!

In conclusion:filthy casuals don’t know where it’s at :wink: .There’s a reason Cabot is the leader(because support is the teams backbone in every game) :smile:

Another Kraken issue was the Vortex damage.

Why does no one like support?

My longest match was only seconds away from a full 30 minutes due to an insanely close game with a team of hunters… and a damn Lazarus. Had to keep grabbing armor and returning to the generator to fight as I had only a sliver of health left throughout much of the game.

But yeah, like Peirs said - it was probably intentional, but it’s definitely not impossible!


Sounds like a pretty awesome match. I had a few where the timer showed up but it never timed out and most of my games ended pretty quickly.


I don’t know if I expected the hunters to have more wins. I feel like playing the monster is still a little bit like other multiplayer games in the sense you’re running off on your own. I just figured with the hunters actually NEEDING to work together it would result in more losses. But I did see quite a few monsters freeze and get destroyed lol.


I was hoping to see data on the Kraken win ratio compared to Goliath.


I did while playing Goliath. Tbh I was toying with the hunters a little before the timer got super low (1:47) and my health started to get low enough that the hunters were becoming a threat after wrecking them about 10 times over.