Evolve Big Alpha doesent work!


Hey Guys,

I was very glad to get a code for the Evolve Big Alpha, tooked the whole day to download it, finally I was so happy that I can finally play it, BUT…
After I agreed the terms… I got the error “The My2k Servers are at capacity and not accepting new users at this time. Please try again later”.
Well I know what this means… Evolve gaved about 5000 codes away but they dont got the right servers to handle this…
Is there any way to play this game today or tomorrow??
btw. I´m playing on PS4 in Germany, if that makes any difference?


they will start normalizing eventually but yes you are correct the servers are stressed. Patience my friend. the word of the day is BIG ALPHA.


ther servers are not online yet


Yea but it will end on the 3rd november:( when will they get it normally?


Edit: I have PC, not PS4. Got past that point, but I can’t find anyone on matchmaking.


xbox had the same issues yesterday but by the time it was…id say by 3 or 4 Pm most people were playing just fine besides the rare and few.


mh ok thanks for your help, I hope they will fix it


The update: PS4 is postponed, refer to this: http://evolvegame.com/news/big-alpha-important-news-for-ps4-players


:frowning: ok then


Has anyone from the PS4 fuck up gotten their code for PC or Xbone beta yet?


Hey again,

downloaded the new PS4 update a hour ago, I was so happy, but than I got huge problems with matchmaking, Im waiting since 1 hour now but ovisously, there is nobody on ps4, but I cant believe that…


The matchmaking takes insanely long to find a lobby, but if you hang in there, you should find one. Make sure not to leave when you get in.


Ok, thanks for reply, but what means, insanely long? hours?


Nah, maybe about 15-20 minutes for me. It’s honestly best to have a chat party going to pass the time. Hoping to see another patch for the matchmaking.


mh, but the Alpha will end tomorrow :frowning:


I have the issue that the game crashes with a CE-34878-0 error code after about 5 minutes in matchmaking. But if I cancel the matchmaking and search again, it never finds a match. Am I the only one? [PS4]


have that Error in Battlefield 4…


I’m getting really long pc loading times. The bar is almost full but then it stops. Is that normal?


Ok today I got 2 crashes after founding players very fast, but after that its finally working!!! Finally I can records Evolve for my Youtube channel :slight_smile: