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Hello everybody,
I have just one question and I can’t find the answer.
As we all know you can participate in the evolve beta on pc if you already own l4d or Some other games.
My question: can you participate in the beta if you not YET have l4d or another game, but buy it before the launch of the beta? If so can that please be confirmed and not assumed?
Please help!!

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To my knowledge either you participated in the Big alpha or have L4d1 and/or Bioshock Infinite.


Yes I know that, but I do not have those games. But can I play in the beta if I have one of those games before the launch of the beta? (Which means I’ll buy one of them before the beta starts)


I tend to say yes it should work, since you will get an invite if you have L4D1/ Bioshock Inf. in your steam library, but I am not 100% sure.



If your on Xbox one your fine. Enjoy your beta.

If you are on PC, if you played the first one or the Big one, your in. If you have, or if you buy those 2 games your also in.

If your on PS4, unless you played in the Big Alpha your not getting in.


If you haven’t participated in the Alpha and you don’t have any of the listing games, I recommend you to buy one asap before 2K starts distributing close beta accesses.


Thanks for all the help! I’ll just take the chance haha


Looks like all questions have been answered. More information on the beta can be found here:

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