Evolve being at gamescon


Hey does anyone know if evolve will be at gamescon. If they are will there be a tournament i would love to see more goliath


I would love to see the 3rd Monster


Possibly a new map to that would make my day


Evolve will be at Gamescom. @DamJess @Chloe and @SlabOMeat will all be there.

Hoping for a new map reveal :slight_smile:


Me to i dont expect another monster but that would be pretty dope


Feels too early for another monster reveal. It would be cool but I’d rather wait and have loads of teasers so the build-up to the reveal is even more exciting.

I think a new map/mode would be a good thing to reveal. I don’t know a great deal about events like this but it seems to be a big one, so not showing anything new would be a missed opportunity in my opinion.


Agreed even if they dont show a new monster not showing a new map would be a bad descision imo i also think they shouldnt bring just kraken they should bring goliath since they havent showed much on him to be honest i think they should wait for the full game i dont want to see the third monster just knowing he has a 50 percent win rate is enough for me


I hope if any maps are shown then they’ll be drastically different from the ones we’ve seen. Maybe like an ice cave or something, that would be amazing.

We also know it will glow, it might dig (Goliath used to be able to, the ability was given to another monster) and it is the hardest to play out of all the monsters. I think if we knew the colour it glows we might be able to work out it’s element ability (presuming every monster glows to match it’s attacks). I’m guessing a yellow or green glow


I have a feeling he will be focused on stealth. i think i heard them call it the grounder, its most likely not the final name. And for the map i totaly agree i imagine a molten lava type place and as much as i want a under water map i know it cant be done because all monster need to be playable on it but its nice to dream lol. I really hope its a smaller stealthier monster thats hard to track and deadly a true predator.


Me too, but because it will glow that makes me a bit sceptical. Maybe it’s more of an ambush monster though? Only time will tell.

I can see a lava map being in the final game. Not too sure how a human settlement could link into that though.

Grounder was Kraken’s old name. He used to drag his tentacles across the ground to gain a charge then he would “ground” the hunters; which is basically an electrical term for electricity flowing from one thing to another.


Thats very intresting i noticed you said something about human settlemnt will this be the lore in the story mode is that the reason they’re hunting the beasts and if you know anything else concerning the single player will you let me know.


Lava would make total sense, they almost certainly would want to harvest all of that geothermal energy and would probably build a power relay right on top of it :stuck_out_tongue:


Never thought of that great idea!


Lava would be fun. Personally, I’m hoping for a snow level - mostly because I just love snow/ice levels. There could be a blizzard, even! …But that might favor the Monster a little too much. :stuck_out_tongue:


They did say there was a dynamic weather effect including snow just to let you know. i would like to see a constant raining map like hard rain (if your’re a left 4 dead fan you know what im talking about)


Oh! Awesome. I heard about the dynamic weather, I just wasn’t sure if that included snow, too - I’m happy to hear it does!


I LOVE that map…also the effect of the storm canceling out the mics! It’s total chaos! I find myself yelling to get people to hear but of course it’s useless against the hard rain!


Ugh…Rain Maps…They suck in this game as a Hunter. That’s all I’m sayin :wink:


But the absolute worse thing is the witches they’re everywhere :frowning: i love the challenge though :smiley:


There’s concept art for a snow map actually…

And lava would be fun. Maybe if the volcano could erupt when the monster wins