Evolve Battle Royale


Dear TRS, if you’re not currently working on Evolve Battle Royale, what the hell are you doing? Get on it! Yes, I know Evolve kind of crashed and burned, but one of the things it had going for it was hype. Y’all had people excited months in advance, and this was in the days of game informer, before things spread like wildfire on their own. All these battle royale games are very similar, they just add one or two twists (building and emotes in Fortnite, realism in PUBG, fast paced madness in Apex Legends) and then it’s all marketing after that. I don’t think I’m being crazy when I say that the world of Evolve was made for a new, different (enough) BR game. The “everyone is a hunter and everyone is prey” feel is exactly what battle royale now does and you guys pioneered that with Evolve. I’m not saying just take the source code for Evolve and make there be 100 monsters instead of 1 (probably wouldn’t work well, although a monsters-only BR would certainly be unique [maybe a special event at some point?]), but the hunter you play with could have benefits based on if you’re solo or in a team, and you could certainly design some more weapons and items to make looting interesting. I’m also not saying there should be no monsters though. Maybe the enormous beasts of Evolve aren’t quite what BR needs, but the dangerous wildlife would really spice up a BR game where usually you’re just contending with and getting rewards from other players. I’m also not saying cut the big monsters entirely, maybe just nerf them, make them rare events where the risks and rewards are great. Fortnite did the Thanos thing, which wasn’t great game design but was popular for a bit, maybe working off that formula could do something good. Anyway, the point is, Evolve had the potential to be a great game, we all saw that, and I think it’s world, it’s root gameplay, and even its lore could make a BR game lots of people would just eat right up.
Lots of love and support!


A Battle Royale in any form is a big no to most of us. Plus, TRS is not working on Evolve since two years because 2K Games took the rights and kicked the studio out to the door, TRS has no rights to work on Evolve anymore.


How would a player base of a few hundred even allow for a Battle Royale game?


Evolve as an IP currently belongs to 2K Studios, so even if TRS wanted to create another Battle Royale experience flavored with Evolve, they would not be able to.

You can try to take this to 2k though.