Evolve Balance from a day 1 player


My in game handle is Zarbane, anyone that has been on PC since release probably knows me. What I privately predicted is coming true Evolve balance wise with the huge influx of players. With all the new players monsters would have the advantage because average monsters beat average hunters. This will result in balance changes nerfing monsters and buffing hunters. TRS balances the game according to their in game statistics that goes over every detail of hunters, monsters, Win loss ratios, amount played, etc.

It is no surprise that first week of release monsters would own. Founder players already knew this would happen, particularly with founder monsters wiping out new hunters and rank resets. As new hunters figure out how to work as a team and what perks are the best to use, hunters will start doing better. So come the monster nerfs and hunter buffs because monsters are doing too good and hunters need help.

For new players, this game has always been hunter favored at the higher skill levels. At the higher levels of skill, Monsters can only beat a hunter team if hunters are out of position and/or make mistakes. If all the hunters are doing their job, the Monster will have a very difficult time cracking through a hunter team’s teamwork. The new hunter perks bring super high levels of agility to hunters not seen before until this iteration of Evolve. Under old evolve with considerably less agility perks, good hunters could already dance circles around Monsters. Now its starting to get crazy and more and more hunters start taking combo Jet pack perks for 1 or more tiers. I’m willing to bet that soon, within 1 or 2 weeks, hunters will start to win big. For those complaining about Sunny, Sunny has been tweaked multiple times since she was released because she is that good.

Tonight playing as both hunter and monster, no monster has won a game.


There is nothing wrong with this. A great amount of teamwork is needed for hunters to win and hunters will almost always make mistakes at some point in the game.


What is wrong is TRS is making adjustments to the game because new hunters are being wiped out by new monsters; that is nothing new. It is too soon too see what the balance will be like once both the new hunters and monsters become more experienced. They’ve already made adjustments to all monsters lowering health and increasing evolve times before seeing what the win loss ratios will be like once the player base learns how to play this game.


I think your posts show just how difficult it is for TRS to balance the game. No matter how things are balanced, certain groups of players will be unhappy.


the problem still lies in the fact that a monster has certain “stretch goals” that are hard to fulfill compared to the hunters.
1 strike is big, some health damage is permanent and continuous.

With 2.0 the trend went into the direction of less relying on teammates, which is in my opinion the right direction. When every hunter plays individually good, then you can win versus the most monster player.
Until then… practice!


ACTUALLY this Tuesday we’re getting a balance patch that for the most part nerfs hunters, and tweaks monsters


Not really true, seen all the incoming hunter nerfs? lol

Monsters are in a really good spot right now (except maybe bob). Maybe the top 1% of monsters can’t beat the top 1% of hunters easily, but then you can just go on a 60 win streak in pubs to puff your ego back out with ease. On my best hunter I have almost 90% win rate as pure solo queue/pubber, but there are still some monsters that absolutely destroy me if I don’t have proper support and trapper to help me with my anti-chase. I had a Kraken earlier that gave me two strikes like I was a baby drooling over my mobile, rag-dolled me around like it was my first time ever playing.


This is correct, but I do think it’s unfair to call the game hunter favored, because it’s the meta that is hunter favored.

It’s the Hank/Sunny and Caira/Slim/Val meta that have been strong since very early on. Deviating from that meta then hunters are in for a bad time.
A lot of hunters are even worse spot than even Behemoth in competitive.


This is the sad fact that hank and sunny will always be a bit of a problem. Although with the shield burst it makes all supports a bit defensive. I still believe its hunter favored in that if they make no mistakes the monster will lose. no matter what.


You can never please everybody… someone’s always gonna be pissed.


We need more of this. Too many hunter players were enjoying the fast wins and fast keys. If any monster players like myself questioned the way things are, we had damage control on one side, with the hunter player only massive on the other.

For the time being I’ve stopped playing Monster, as with hunter i’m ripping through matches which are very short, mostly wins, and I’m quickly unlocking everything to try it. Perks etc.

What you find more and more, fun to play roles aside, people as with any game with unlocks want to get everything as quick as possible. Hunter is the surefire way to do it as your key income is more assured.

The only games lost in my matches now are against Elder Kraken. This only occasional though, I’ve still watched my team rip through them too before stage 2.

When people get the Monster they leave. Very few matches have anyone with prefer monster (this is at level 30)

I’ll also add, every match people want to play Sunny. I’m seeing a minimum of three people with prefers support.

Hunters are desperately not wanting things to change as they are having far too much fun. Just look across the boards.

The free 2 play model has attracted a lot of players, including quite a young player base now. I’ve learned this due to my matches and listening to them on mic and watching their chat.

We have young players from game like League Of Legends, Overwatch etc etc. They have 0 interest in playing Monster as it’s the FPS aspect that they want to play, and only that. They have 0 interest in playing the Monster it’s self.

This same majority want every Monster seemingly nerfed to the ground. I had a match last night with two hunter friends spamming all chat to the “meaty” player that : “omg such a noob for picking met’ gol. OP monster. Uninstal Noob”. Just insulting him constantly because he was winning.

It isn’t just the game that’s imbalanced now, it’s the community. You have a mass of FPS fans to contend with. How does the Monster fan base even have a chance.

I gave up playing it (Monster role) as i’ve said, and I was winning a fair share of matches, but I don’t much enjoy the new way of things really. At the end yes I’ve won but, they weren’t epic matches. Just a quick fast messy chaotic brawl.

When you play Hunter you get the excellent start with nice bits of backstory being talked about by the hunters. The drop from the ship I’ve always liked, and the Graphics of the level as a Hunter really shine. I have the game maxed on my projector (120 inch screen on my wall) and it’s just gorgeous. I actually miss the old levels as I think some of them looked incredible when there was more wild life etc. So atmospheric.

I’ll hang around a bit to play Hunter, as I did miss this game, but when BF1, Titanfall 2, new COD, and other games hit the end of this year, you will see a HUUUGGGE chunk of the FPs migrate.

This game may have a few problems then. I’ll be busy with them myself too have to admit.


Honestly, if you’re having that much trouble vs pubs as the monster, then you’re probably just not as good at monster as you may think–no offense. Great monster players have enormous win streaks and insane high win rates of 95-100%, just look around these forums there are plenty of screenshots of 40-60+ win streaks by even goliath players, which most people would probably agree is the most balanced monster.

The highest win streak I’ve had as a pub hunter is 17, and a few of those were vs AI monsters when the monster player left. The highest win streak I’ve seen any other hunter have in a pub game is 11. The highest win streak I’ve personally seen a monster have in game is 52.


Who said they were. Who here said, as monster, i’ve had trouble?

The problem on these forums is:

Person X says: Role A isn’t balanced

Person Y quick as a fart says: Well YOU obviously need to…

I stopped playing Monster when I wasn’t having that much fun winning or loosing. When I started to play more Hunter ,going through the unlocks and enjoying the story tid bits, I noticed how quick Monsters were dying. In the match start up people were not wanting to be the Monster and would leave if they got it.

I started to realise then something was wrong. So After a few hours one night I actually did a post about this. A five hour snapshot of my experience that night. I did play some Monster a patch had landed that day. I typed about that also.

It’s not ME, how I play etc, it’s about THE PLAYER BASE. Don’t just read stuff here go on youtube. Go on facebook read the comments.

Said it once if not a million times. It’s not about HOW you play. You have to look at the trends of the game around you and notice what’s going on in match.

Too many people play, win 10 matches straight as a Hunter and think “…OH HELL YEAH I’m a BADASS…” not once, do they think… hang on… something’s wrong here. Should it be this easy?

Sometimes I wonder if this game has a prayer. Who wants balance when you can show a screenshot of your win streaks instead eh. Other players be damned.


Maybe taking things a bit far…personal attacks aren’t welcome in these forums.


This is damn good policy and it should always be. Dota always do this. It’s this fair policy that even when changes affect my favorite characters negatively, i take it in stride for the good of the game.

it can be very true that the game has been hunter favored at high skill levels. Many people have expressed that so i believe there’s some sliver on truth in there.

But new players like me won’t understand. We’re not at that level you see. Just as you don’t see that we’re nowhere at that level to feel that level of gameplay that hey, it’s actually pretty smooth once the hunters can get it going on the same frequency.

that’s my 2 cents. I can see you’re right. But you’ve pitched your case like the new players have the same level of understanding as you.


I think the result of this low level favoritism is going to be a game that people will get tired of. I cant speak for every founder, but I feel like the current system is leading to a short-lived game for newcomers, with a currency and perk system replacing the progression of skill and game knowledge.


Sounds like maybe you just don’t enjoy monster anymore then? Maybe hunter is more your thing. Fortunately the game needs a lot more hunter players than monsters, so you’ll be in good company. Hopefully both hunter and monster players have an enjoyable experience in the game at all levels of play, but it can sometimes be difficult due to the asymmetrical nature of Evolve. Even games that have mirrored sides have plenty of balance issues.


I think players that can’t stick around to learn in a much more newcomer friendly environment, for personal growth or for progression stats, are never going to be long term players of this game. It is no problem that evolve can’t retain people that need to feel they know and are good at the game from the moment they pick it up, it’s just not going to happen.


Sunny is my bane I don’t think her JPB will ever be in a balanced spot it’s just too useful and that shield drone is just so irritating.


I don’t seem to have much trouble at all playing. I win some and lose some as Monster. A lot of those losses are my fault, I can literally tell when I blew it lol.

That being said, I take literally no stock in what other player winstreaks are. It is too easy to queue dodge and since streaks combine between the 2 roles (Hunter and Monster) it’s not accurate.

Bottom Line: I think TRS is taking the right approach to balance and with a much larger Sample Size they can make better adjustments!