Evolve at Summonerscon? pleaase


Hey Summonerscon will be held in november at the Marriott Burbank Airport. Its a League of Legends convention but i was wondering if any other games and booths will be there. if so I think it would be a GREAT idea to have Evolve there!


I highly doubt it, this Con is the 1st one to be held and is specifically created for LoL which of course is an entirely different game type from Evolve.

I’d be shocked if you see anything else besides LoL there given it’s the 1st one and such


yeah it seems quite small so far. theres an expo hall though. not sure what would be there.


It’s basically a gathering/community event by the looks of it, focused on LoL and it’s players.

Not an uncommon thing to see, since there are alot of game gatherings held usually all over the place for games in a similar fashion.

Granted all conventions have to start somewhere, this just seems like a player driven and started gathering at the rented banquet hall for players to come together


We won’t be there :confused:


What?! Instalok is going to be there?! I am so there (totally fan girls out over instalok)


:,( what if i stand outside of TRS and knock lol.