Evolve: As One Chapter 1


Hello Everyone! I’m back with an all new story of Evolve. Now I know what you’re thinking… thinking that oh Zky is gonna start this story and not finish it like he did Monster Killers… but NO!!! This time I’m going through with this one. Monster Killers was very inaccurate to the game, but this story is different. It has nothing to do with the game, but closely follows the game’s concept. I think you will fairly enjoy this as have I writing it. Now… behold…

Chapter One

I discovered this obscured world three months ago. The air is toxic, yet the native life forms that exist here have evolved; adapted to the oxygen that would kill any human being. Everything co-exists, forming a practical symbiosis of sentience. It’s beautiful.

A name for this celestial body I have not thought of. Rather reluctantly, I’ve chosen not to. Not yet. There is still so much out here to explore, perhaps that signature inspiration to deliberate a title. Years of excursion, and here it’s finally paid off. I am but one expeditionary, one researcher. Soon I will be forced to return to civilization for recruitment of fellow explorers and scientists alike.

The blazing sun hangs high in the sky, bigger and brighter than on most planets. The outside temperature reads ninety-five degrees, and it’s merely morning. The temperature within my nano suit reads sixty-five degrees. I call the suit the Euphoria, fabricated it myself, composed of billions of nano particles designed to never lose shape or form. Even if damaged to where the nanos separate, they almost instantly return to their original positions. It’s a self-rejuvenating suit. When worn, it feels as if I wear nothing, like a second layer of skin. The planet’s gravitational pull is insubstantial, gifting myself with a rather scant physique.

Euphoria is also equipped with smart technology. With a mere touch of a nearby plant, the sensory within the tips of my fingers gather crucial data, including internal structure, temperature, age, and life source. The factual information is then sent to my helmet’s database, storing everything for later study.

Out of the corner of my eye, I perceive something dash into some adjacent trees. It appears to be the largest creature remarked on my journey since landing. The massive leaves shroud the sun, and the temperature suddenly drops. Condensation builds upon Euphoria, as well as the condensation on the leaves from me brushing through them. Looking back, the sun is setting. The temperatures on this planet fluctuate dangerously. Continuing through the trees, I reach a clearing, a small hot spring steaming before me. I assume the creature I saw moments ago leapt in, ripples of water still dispersing. I’ve never submerged Euphoria within water, but I see no reason as to why she wouldn’t be capable of doing so.

My eyes are open to complete darkness; only the sound of water surrounding my body fills my ears. Euphoria automatically adapts to the situation, and activates night vision. There before me, is what I’d rather call a frog, but much more sophisticated. Sharp quills about two inches erect riddle it’s back. Its facial structure reminds me that of a croc but attain the posture of an amphibian, particularly a frog’s. I reach my hand out toward it, slowly. This will be an interesting specimen to study in my laboratory, but the creature rears back. I don’t wish to frighten, or possibly aggravate it, but I’m one simple touch away from making a piece of history. It continues to step away, but as it reaches the edge of the hot spring, finding itself cornered, it refuses to leave the water, seeing that’s the reasonable decision to make.

This creature must know that its chance of survival lies within this hot spring, at least until the sun rises. Could be in minutes, or hours. I raise my hand out of the water. Euphoria gives me an approximate outside temperature of twenty-nine degrees. Perhaps it would be best if I remained submerged as well. I continue to approach the creature, this time able to lay a slight finger of a touch on it’s left foot. It doesn’t appear to mind much. Euphoria immediately runs a data scan. The connection isn’t as I wished; therefore the scan could be prolonged.

Meanwhile, I gaze into its eyes. Its beastie pupils appear to pierce right through my suit, and together we stare, both studying each other, both curious as to what the other is going to do.

Suddenly, Euphoria stops gathering data, and I notice the water beginning to brighten up. The creature immediately leaps out of the hot spring. I rise, and once I reach the surface, it is nowhere to be seen.

“Spring Croc… that’s what I’ll call it.” I say to myself. It’s quite awkward to go from night to morning in a matter of minutes. Such a strange planet. Euphoria dries within moments, and I continue through the small forestry that lye ahead. I named my first specimen. A sense of accomplishment fills my body. I figure it’s best to return to my ship Voyager and record the data I’ve collected.

Voyager is a surprisingly sizeable ship. I own a full sized laboratory at my disposal, and enough oxygen to last me a few more months. I know I must leave soon to renew my resources, so I must gather all the knowledge I can within this short time span.

Euphoria locates the ship, displaying a green dot on my helmet’s HUD. Only a few hundred meters from my location, west.

The Sun rises and falls twice more on my way to the Voyager. The ship is parked in a large open field of grass and flowers. Strange how such beautiful entities can exist in such a hostile environment.

The Voyager’s hatch automatically opens once Euphoria notifies it to do so. I enter, climbing the silver plated steps that lead within. The hatch closes behind me. The air decompresses, allowing me to breath the clean air of the ship. It is now safe to remove Euphoria. The entrance into the main hall of the ship unlocks and I enter. It’s dark.

“Nicole… lights on please.” I say.

“Lights… on. Is there anything else you’d like for me to do Ms. Lennex?”

Nicole is the ship’s artificial intelligence. She keeps me company while I’m away from human activities, and overall existence.

“No that’ll be all for now. Thank you Nicole.” I say making my way to my quarters.

I often miss home, thus I’ve hung photos of family and friends. My bed is unmade. I left in a rush this morning hoping to accomplish more. My laptop is still running, displaying crucial data on weather patterns, and I’m yet to track the exact time of day and night; how it all correlates.

I remove my helmet, my brown hair flaring down over my shoulders. I then remove the rest of Euphoria, the cold refreshing coolant air of my quarter’s clashes against my naked body. Euphoria returns to its original form, appearing as though I still remain within. Placing my finger along the blank wall that stands before me, I activate a hidden switch which unlocks my wardrobe. Dozens of lab coats and skin suits hang inside. I grab both, clothing my bareness.

Leaving my quarters I head right down the corridor that leads to my lab.

“How are my specimens Nicole?” I ask on my way.

“Life signs appear stable. Specimen 9 is illustrating rapid progress within new environment.”

“How so?”

I enter the lab, flasks, tubes, and needles lay scattered on various tables. In the corner are specimen cages, more or less artificial environments. Ventilation shafts provide natural planetary oxygen, for I am not certain at the moment as to how life forms will react to pure air.

Within environment nine, the specimens within have surely made fast progress. I call them Decasaurs, small lizards I found burrowed within the surface shading themselves from the intensive heat that particular day. They’ve breeded, and produced what looks like a dozen eggs. I only snagged them up two days ago, and have before now reproduced? Strange.

“Why the rush?” I ask rhetorically.

“No clue Ms. Lennex.” Nicole responds, in which she reacts to pretty much any question I ask.

“I’ve got new data, and discovered a new creature, but was unable to acquire it for further study. Please obtain Euphoria’s current data base.”

“Of course Ms. Lennex.”

I stare back into the environment, marveling the Decasaurs. Specimens 1 through 8 appear to be doing well. They’re all eating, and look healthy otherwise. Still need to test that oxygen theory.

“Data retrieved.” Nicole says, startling me.

“Display it.”

A holographic screen appears behind me. The internal structure of the plant I analyzed this morning, or first morning, pops up.

“Hmmm… interesting.” I say holding my chin. “You see that Nicole?”

“Whatever are you referring to Ms. Lennex?” Nicole asks puzzled.

“There are thousands of living organisms within the structure of the plant. They feed off of the plant’s food source, sharing its required nutrients to survive. It’s symbiosis.”

“Fascinating discovery.” She replies blankly.

I lift my hand over my mouth to conceal the large yawn I release.

“I’m detecting signs of drowsiness. Perhaps it would be wise to obtain some sleep.” Suggests Nicole.

“Yeah… maybe you’re right. I’ve been out for countless hours. I’ll be in my quarters.” I reply leaving the laboratory.

“I will analyze Euphoria’s current data base and inform you of my findings when you awake.”

“Thanks Nicole.” The door seals behind me.

My bed is warm, and soft to the touch. My body slightly sinks within the plush material as I go to rest. Today was a good day. I owe Nicole a lot of credit, analyzing the data for me. Turning on my back, I stare upward, gazing out through the sky glass above my bed. The stars are so bright, some shooting across the night, though I know minutes from now the sun could rise. My conscience begins to drift, and I slowly descend into a deep slumber.

The Voyager is at peace. Only the sound of Nicole refilling Euphoria’s oxygen capacity fills my ears. The rest is my build, the rise and fall of my chest with every breath I take.

Happy as I am, the bliss is suddenly fractured by the sound of the Voyager’s alarm. I shoot out of bed, zipping on my skin suit, and rushing to the laboratory. The ship rocks to the left, and crashes back to the right every so seconds. There’s something outside attacking the Voyager!

“Nicole! Status!” I shout as I enter the lab.

“Ship is reaching critical condition. Severe damage sustained on outer hull.”

The lab is dark, flashing red lights blinking every moment provide the only form of sight.

“What’s out there Nicole!?”

“I do not know Ms. Lennex.” She replies calmly.

“Are Euphoria’s oxygen capsules completely refueled?” I ask desperately.

“Negative. Refueling of oxygen capacity was interrupted . Would you like for me to resume process?”

I dash out of the laboratory back into my quarters.

“Euphoria activate!” I say, and the nano suit clings to my body. Oxygen level reads low. There’s no time to refuel at the moment.

Suddenly, the wall on my left liquefies, exposing myself and the outside world. A glowing green acidic residue remains. A massive hand grasps the edge of the large hole that was melted away, a monstrous hand consisting of three fingers and disposable thumb. Next the face of the creature emerges from the outside. Two very sharp horn-like antennas rest upon its head, two piercing glowing eyes staring me down. It appears the creature’s face attains a face guard of some sort, but unfolds into a pair of pinschers, revealing its horrific set of teeth and acidic breath.

With a firm grasp, the monster tugs at the ship, flipping it onto its side, the left wing splintering under the cumbersome weight.

Quickly I grab ahold the right leg of my stationary bed so as to not plummet into the jaws of the beast. The strength of it alone to flop the Voyager gales my mind with incredulity.

The desk computer tumbles into a pile of acid residue, melting away months worth of weather pattern analysis and time track. My heart pounds harder and faster, fear overtaking my entire body as the monster continues to melt down the Voyager.

“All environment specimens are deceased.” Nicole informs.

The monster’s acid begins to spate through the inside. I need to get out right now, but it’s impossible to reach the exit hatch without melting off my legs. Then, I notice the sky glass is shattered.

I climb atop the edge of my bed, and leap out of my sky window, crashing into the soil of dirt below. The monster acknowledges my escape, producing an acid bomb from the palm of its hand, tossing it directly at me. I roll out of the way, the bomb colliding with the surface just feet away from where I lay. Splashes of acid connect with the arm of Euphoria, melting down millions of nano particles. Gathering myself up, I run, but the monster strangely refuses to give chase. Turning back, I observe its full form, standing upright on two shell plated legs, four arms extended from its torso, and a beetle like shell. Could it possibly fly?
Suddenly, its chest opens up, and out come three smaller beetles flying in my direction.

“Shit!” I say under my breath, dashing off into the jungle of trees, unaware of the dangerous creatures that may lye within.

It’s still dark out, and the temperature is no doubt freezing, possibly below freezing. Yet, the monsters are still in pursuit. How’s that possible?

“I’m detecting a nearby hot spring Ms. Lennex. A possible escape I presume?” Says Nicole.

“Since when do you speak to me while I’m out in the Euphoria?”” I ask puzzled.
“I’ve transferred my artificial intelligence into the Euphoria’s data base. In other words, we are now one.”

“Just great!” I say diving into the hot spring, soon settling at the bottom, motionless. Worse case scenario, these little flying minions can swim.

“Nicole…” I begin to whisper.


“Can you locate those beetles from here somehow?” I ask.

“One moment…” She replies, and all is once again silent. Glancing to my left, a small family of spring crocs lay submerged.

“Please… please stay still.” I whisper to myself.

My oxygen meter is depleting rapidly. Three minutes remain. I struggle to brake my emotions and not give away my position .

“Location acquired.” Nicole reports, her absent voice startles me. “They are directly above us.”

Do they know I’m here? Do they know but cannot apprehend me while subordinate to the surface? Perhaps they’re just waiting for their host to show up and mangle me to bits.

“Oxygen at five-percent.” Says Nicole.

Suddenly, a dark figure appears, shrouding over me and the hot spring. It must be the monster. It stays a few moments, scanning the spring and its perimeter. I shut my eyes, unable to witness the terror that awaits, but instead the Ground rumbles. I open my eyes, and the shroud is gone, as well as the monster.

“Oxygen at four-percent.” Says Nicole, and my eyes widen.

Slowly, I emerge from the water, observing every direction, confirming the monster’s departure before completely withdrawing from the hot spring.

I sprint back to the Voyager’s location, but when I return, I return to nothing but a heap of molten liquid metal. The Voyager is gone, destroyed. I drop to my knees, tears running down my cheeks. All my research, all of my time, money, and incentive consumed by acid and that wretched creature.

“Oxygen now at two-percent.” Nicole again warns me.

Within seconds, I’ll be forced to breath in the toxic air of this world. God knows what’ll happen to me. Will I die instantly? Will the air consume my flesh and organs the way my ship was burned to the ground?

“So much left to explore on this world, and now, I will die with it all a secret.” I say to myself. I then lay on my back, looking at the sky. The sun is rising, setting the obscuring cumulative clouds ablaze.

“Oxygen, depleted.” Nicole says, followed by a series of warnings.
I remove my helmet, brushing away the hair against my face. I inhale the poisonous air, but there is no immediate effect.

A series of memories flash before my eyes: My mother on her death bed, my father studying in a laboratory, news of the day the very first monster on Shear was apprehended, my very first discovery, winning first place at the science fair when I was a kid, and now… now discovering … Arcane!

The aftermath begins. My lungs commence to burn, the pain surging throughout my body. Suddenly, I can’t breath at all, and there I lay gasping for air, but there is no air to breath. Just death. That’s all there is. There’s no discovery, there’s no research, no adventure. I’ve lost it all. All that I have now is cold, painful, and dreadful death…



This is how most people will react. :wink:

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That was a good read, I’m interested to see how you continue this! :slight_smile:



This is how most people will react.


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Everyone on the internet can’t read past 10 sentences at the most, it’s annoying.

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I’m very sorry I did not get a chance to reply back to you on this earlier. I really like where it’s going, and the simple, yet well-enough explained tech. that the main character is utilizing. It seems real to me. Also, I really like the visuals, especially of the creature/monster. I’m wondering where this will go from here.



I want to thank you all for reading my story! Chapter 2 will be posted rather soon, so there shouldn’t be too long of a wait. I’m very pleased that you all like it, and are excited to read more. It means a lot! :slight_smile:



10/10 would fap again to it

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Excellent read! I’ll take anything and everything even remotely Evolve-themed/related.

My only complaint is your protagonist clearly has a death-wish, offering hand-shakes to strange, unknown creatures so brazenly!



I was picturing something like Hypnotoad in that scene.



lol Right on!



She did it for the sake of science! :slight_smile: Seeing as the only way she could collect that crucial data from the Spring Croc was to make some form of physical contact with the creature while wearing Euphoria. Besides, the creature wouldn’t be able to harm her while in the nano suit. And heck yeah! I’ve got you all covered with this read!



Chapter 2 is officially posted. Enjoy. :slight_smile:



Now that I’ve read both chapters I can say I’m really looking forward to chapter 3

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Forgive me as a resurrect all these chapters but…Fuck! this is amazing

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