Evolve as an ESports Model


DISCLAIMER: Now I am not a certified ESports person, I just have some knowledge of previous ESports models and how they became successful

Now from what I’ve seen from this game so far (I’ve been playing this game since the original alpha last August) it has potential to amount to become a very large ESport.

Evolve mechanics include a high amount of teamwork and a moderate amount of skill; and while people may argue that an ESport requires a high skill window, they cannot doubt that an ESport requires players, and you don’t get too many players through having a difficult game to get into. Having a moderate skill window also allows potential for viewers to become interested and not be drawn back by the difficulty of the game.

While Evolve has many positives to it’s ESports potential, it also has some negatives:

  • No open spectator system of any sort (The spectator is system is under development)
    To have any successful ESport, the game MUST have a reliable spectator system. It gives people availability to view the game and promote it as a spectator sport.

  • No dedicated servers
    The benefits that dedicated servers provide are difficult to list accurately. They are not required, but they are very beneficial.

I am NOT screaming anything at the devs. Just throwing mild suggestions in case they wanted Evolve to become some wort of ESport, which can definitely be done!


This is in the works as confirmed by MacMan.

We already have dedicated servers, I’m pretty sure!


The spectator system development is something I’m looking forward to. It’s nice to hear! Thanks!

I will not remove it from the suggestions until it is officially released, however I will put a note next to it.


It’s really fun to watch high level play even without a spectator mode imo.


how are you watching high-level play without spectating? Twitch streams? Those are nice, but it would be better for every spectator if they could see every player and see what’s going down on a larger scale.


Mostly the dev gameplay on the evolve YouTube channel and the gameplay in the lastminutechiprel team footage thread


And I didn’t mean it’s fun to watch without a spectator mode so there shouldnt be one I meant I love watching it without one so it would awesome with one


ah yes. I see now, and it would be awesome :smile: