Evolve art to have before we leave

Anyone out there, including the developers. Please use this thread and put your fanart, canonical art, and whatever you have into this. Personally a portrait of all the characters and monsters tier 1-5 would be great so I could use it as a background for my computer for years to come.


@Takran, know anything like this?

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@SledgePainter I’d love to see some of your work here

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Thank you so much…

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Oh my god… the hunters are in chronological order… they even grouped the monsters with their adaptions… that’s adorably amazing.

I was doodling a concept of a Halloween “Demon Wraith” skin idea, but now I am too bummed to really even look at it, let alone finish it…
Maybe tomorrow if I feel better I will.


Just so you know, we don’t have to leave. This is the TRS forum and all that beautiful fan art will still be here.


Bucket for ever !

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One more shittly drawn piece of art from yours truly, for the ride.

I wish I could do it better. I wish I had the motivation to do it better, wish I had the skills to do it better, but this is as much motivation I can muster right now.

It’s funny how you put your moodset into your art sometimes. It’s, incredible to say the least, seeing someone’s emotion put down on paper.


I was just thinking that. Hyde’s eye looks watery. Like he’s fighting back tears.

I was so, so angry when I found out about all of this… As a console player, the past few months already sucked because I can’t take part in any of the awesomeness of Stage 2. I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t come to consoles, I’d even bring that up at times. Better to keep expectations low so you’re never disappointed.

But this? This is a thousand times worse. I’d rather Stage 2 never come to console and Evolve continue to grow on PC than for 2K to just… back out. Now even if I save up the money and build a PC, Evolve has already lost funding. I’ve already missed all of Stage 2.

I don’t know how to feel. Just a deep sadness. This game was such a huge part of my life last year, I didn’t play anything else from the day it came out til long after Tier 5 was finished. I don’t even want to look at my PlayStation copy because it’s so… dated.

No Electro Griffin, or Renegabe Abe, Paladin Parnell. The Bob adaptation I’ve been waiting for… It sucks. ANd the fact 2K would tease us, with the old, “hey guys, if these Golden Keys sell good enough, Stage Two is gona explode and get to consoles and be better than ever!!”… and then less than a month later they back out?

I love Turtle Rock. All the developers are awesome.

But holy FUCK, 2K is the WORST thing that could’ve happened to Evolve. Those God damned money hungry bastards. Hope their next Madden game bombs hard.

My love to the developers… I might stick around. Maybe. I’ll poke my nose in from time to time. But I’ll be honest, I already felt left out not having Stage 2 on consoles… that’s what I’ve been waiting for. I’m eager to see what new games you have in store for the world, but I feel out of place here now.

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Which is funny because I really wanted him to look like the angry monster he is. @_@ Stupid emotions, getting in the way…


I was real mad at work today. I read the news on my lunch break, and after lunch I accidentally knocked a pallet of chicken over. :joy: way to distracted.
I’ve simmered down now… still so angry at 2K. But now I’m just sad. I can’t imagine how sad the developers are.
And we’ll never get to see the glory that would’ve been Kala’s adaption… :sob:

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I will post my favorite ones:


More here if you wanted to see it all:


Someone please make a fanart of Val or Caira for me to fulfill my heart.

Wha’s dat? Horrible doodles involving Caira or Val? YOU GOT IT BOI.

^Just got out of bed. WE GOT HUNTING TO DO.

Hyde makes a very good pillow for a very good friendo.

Despite all things going south, they were still able to hide away and celebrate the winter season.


I never did much Val art, but a friend o’ mine COUGH @Fluffington COUGH requested this one a long time ago.

No UAV? No problem. Val’s y’backup.


Lots of people cry when filled with rage.

Last one = Best one.
Thank you ToiletWraith.

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Look at that Gobi!

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Here’s an image I did on a 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch card