[EVOLVE] Are there any console players who want to move to PC version of Evolve?


I still got PC Evolve copy to giveaway.

I finally created a challenge (only for console players) , but at first I would like to know if there is enough demand for it :smile:

So if you are Console player, and you want play Evolve on PC, please write down that you are interested.

If enough people will apply I will create the challenege/giveaway thread :slight_smile:


I would absolutely love to!


I played in tournaments on console and think I’m pretty good at this game.
But then there is this pc master race and their op hunters with that 100% accuracy and I always wondered how it would feel to play on pc myself.

So yea, if you got a spare copy, I’ll take it :slight_smile:


I should be getting a PC soon so sure thing :smile:


If Zeon wishes to have a second place winner I will match him and offer a physical PC copy of the base game as well.


Wow Papa Cow awesome as always ! :smile:

Appreciate it a lot, but its your copy so its really up to you if you want to give it as 2nd. Place prize :blush:

but if there will be enough people participating I would love to have something for 2nd place :smile:


Sure, I’m not sure what you have in mind but its up for grabs if you want. I believe I might also still have an evolve poster for 2nd place as well… Lemme see what I’ve got left.


i would love to…

I want to see how good the pc players are


I’m down. Love to have a copy for PC. Consider me signed up.


Hmmm if you are offering so much mabe we can come up with some giveaway challenge idea together?


Or a couple with exclusions to the previous winner. Spreads the fun.


That works. What kind of thing did you originally have planned? I like what @SQUARENecron said, if we get enough for 1 massive event we could do a first and second place, if not maybe a couple challenges.


Ye that could work :smiley: Honestly I had just simple event because I was too lazy to think about something complex, like

" who will do best 360’ no scope Evolve video as Hunter or Monster will win"

But I believe you will come up with somethi g mich better :sweat_smile:


Maybe we could do 1 video game related challenge and one that has something to do with writing/speaking etc… That way it varies and someone who doesn’t have video editing capabilities can participate in the other and vice versa.


A poster is involved?



Sounds great!

You got some “story writing” on your mind ? Or more like a poetry or smthin?


Possibly. I think that if enough people participate I can throw in a couple extra things I have around leftover so we’ll see.


Hmmm… I already feel we’ve had recent poetry/story contests. What about posting a picture of some area on a map and have people identify where it is and/or match it up as close as possible with their own picture? What about a ‘put a caption here’ from a scene we create in game? Lemme think of some more possibilities.

Or maybe who can create the best ‘Shear’ travel guide? A series of pictures and descriptions (1 for each biome and maybe 1 more from Broken Hills) that entice someone to come to Shear (Pre Monster era) Then with their permission we create a story around it. For instance I did something similar to this way back when in World of Warcraft. The objective was that each team got points for taking a screenshot in various zones with bonus points for PvP action etc… They then chose 1 funny picture and 1 ‘epic’ picture from their collection and winners were gathered from those as well. This was the end project I came up with. (They only submitted pictures, I added the music, editing and story) Also, this was done in like 1 hour so please excuse the crude video production as this was thrown together for the first place as a courtesy.



Your ideas are soo cool, now i feel so
dumb for wanting “360 no scope challenge”

I will try to think about somethi g serious too :sweat_smile:

But I am really liking the shear traver guide with story creation thingy