Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


Enter first match after quitting the game for quite some time.

Stage 1 - dead.

Can’t hide, can’t outrun the hunters.



Maybe the hunters you faced have kept playing the game while you haven’t played it in a while which was why you lost?

For a monster, legacy and evolve and stage 2 play very differently - especially in terms of sneaky plaus


Hello guys! :wave:

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Come on now. You haven’t seen my user name in forever. Stop dodging, you’re going to get me constantly unless you move to Arcade.


Anyone else remember playing against a reload speed Maggie as Goliath on legacy? That shit is ridiculously fun amirite?




(I’m a Maggie Main, and I feel your pain, but I do delight in this, I have to admit)


You’re part of the problem.


Your a monster :grimacing::man_shrugging:


Go @SledgePainter .

Crush the dreams of those around you.

Become… the troll.


Respawn timer is 0:00. Hunters not being respawned.

Me: Reporting bug.

TRS: It’s not a bug, it’s feature.

Someone has failed at mathematics at elementary school. Miserably.


The netcode lately has been seeing it fucking fit to put me in European servers. I can’t play handicapped. It doesn’t work unless the team is exceptionally bad…


I dunno…last time you faced us we got wrecked…


I had 10 ping at the time…


You Monster!