Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


When I fucking say get back to the team, get back to the team. The only one who can POSSIBLY solo the fucking monster is the Assault and I was playing him.

God damn it. Teaching newbies how to play is like herding cats.


Totally doable, you just need red dot.


I do have a dot, its yellow, not red. It doesn’t help when they don’t follow instructions.


So I got counter-picked. Gorgon vs EMET/Bucket/Maggie/Markov on Wraith Trap. I barely won and I’m still shaking. Guerilla tactics with Mimic ftw.


Wouldn’t gorgon do better vs deployable based characters? Acid spit has huge aoe…I know that when I play EMET I always groan when I see a gorgon.


Pools don’t affect deployables anymore. If you want to counter-pick a deployable comp, you go either EK or Bob. The spout is comparable to Goliath’s Firebreath if anything, and its A LOT more limited in terms of damage.


I completely forgot about that. It’s been a long time since I played as or against a Gorgon. :stuck_out_tongue:

EMETs worst nightmare…


Gorgon? Hahaha, that’s so cute. Try to play him against Bob. This combination is the saddest example of hard counter pick.


A pro monster player wrote something remotely positive about Emet? No way!


See my later post. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly everyone is Hacking and like everytime im too stupid for getting the Hacks too -_-
For example: Trapper comes alone, i want to down him -> he gets no damage and kann kill me with a single shoot.

This game is dead for me (like it was before Stage 2, just that now everyone has hacks)


Finally removed Evolve from my Xbox first time since I bought it back in march 2015 gonna seriously miss it had a lot of great times but I’m really tired of the :sob: and the bithing I get from hunters and win or lose I still always hear sht talking via messages and almost every last one of them are hypocrites my perfect example is when playing Goliath I lost in broken hill mines(surprise surprise) to a slim,hank,griffin,Hyde comp <------really screws a Goliath player thought ok hard counting me huh? Well next match I’ll play gorgon because payback is a bith stomped them pretty badly and start getting my beloved hate mail saying how gorgon is OP and cheesy :joy: I replied really? Because 2 people on ur team are gorgon mains and that’s all they play :dizzy_face: Then they proceed to tell me they are just going to back out on me.:+1: I said naw I’ll just get rid of this game because the current people who play are a bunch of crybaby toxc jerkoffs. Another story is about a player I’ve had a feud with for quite awhile long story short tells me to learn how to fight stage at stage 2 I say y you don’t? And some very sexual statements made threw messages towards my wife (this guy shouldn’t be allowed a Xbox and needs his parents to teach him how to treat people). So my only conclusion this game is far pass dead it’s much much worse. I’ll definitely miss when it was a better community playing it.


People being salty to moster players you say? Wants to go back and play my thing Wraith but realizes I would suck a lot


I love it. I love when people get salty because Meaty turned them into roast Hunter.


I’ve grown very tired of it :expressionless:


With wraith you would be better off than Goliath :wink:


Depends on the skill level of the team and the make up. I haven’t played in months, but I’d rather a Wraith.


Getting harpooned in the a$$ every couple seconds on Goliath is about as anti-fun as it gets the players who play on Xbox have been playing for a very long because that’s all that plays anymore. Yeah wraith would be better against that comp but gorgon is to to keep grif off my ass but like I said as much as I love the game it’s impossible to play at any lv of fun for me


I should uninstall Evolve, but I just don’t feel like putting in the effort. I probably haven’t played Evolve on my Xbox since before S2, and I maybe played S2 like three or four times, right after it was canceled.



Need I say more?