Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


i really wished/wanted the 3monster vs 8 game mode, with floating airships

^ add a more ‘caged’ up model for protection. goliaths be leaping around the map, trying to break the cage and down the vehicle. pilot can set autopilot and help on gunfire too

so there are 2 stages, aerial battle and ground battle towards the ending. humans are weaker after their vehicle has crashed but still able to play a traditional ground battle.

monsters are more agile. can leap much more , easily 200% -
upgrades include vehicle bonuses vs character bonuses. - so the question is who is the hunter and who is being hunted.


Ah yes have you thrown a rock yet that definitely hit but did absolutely zero damage? Lul I’ve been known to teleport out of domes tho so it’s all square. Watch this

If it doesn’t let you I’m sry it must have been removed but in it I was clearly in the dome he even shot me a couple times and the next thing he knew I was beating on the relay :rofl:


Those were fun!
I think the host was one of the other people in the lobby, there was poor connection issues the whole way through.
Fub times though :slight_smile:


Why does it take so long to get Hunt in QP? And the game keeps giving Monster, Support, and Medic to noobs! Support is now my second preference (Monster is always first) and it still gave Support to a level 2!


Encountered a Slim/Hank earlier this week. Thank god they weren’t decent players.


I can say the same thing about Bob in Arena… with those fucking perks.


Not in Legacy. We have an underpowered Bob full of glitches.


Anyone want to tell me why I didn’t get Monster when NO ONE ELSE PREFERRED IT IN A QP LOBBY?!


Nah, I’d rather keep it a secret.


Literally nothing but Kelders on console.


You guys on Xbox must having horrible luck. It’s kinda rare to see a Kelder in QP on PS4. You have the new players who don’t know his true power and pick him out of “Oh, he looks cool” or “Well, I haven’t played as him yet. Guess I’ll give him a try” and then you have the level 40s who are like “Hehe I’ll pick Elder Kraken and wreck these n00bs in less than five minutes. All those people complaining about him being OP just suck at the game lol”.


Kelder destroyed my RB through dome. Thanks TRS for this fucking horseshit. You really balanced the fucking shit out of your game.


What? Really? Wow. That is a really stupid bug.



Been sitting in the fucking cue for a good 10 minutes. Stop dodging you pricks. I have enough on my mind, why do you think I’m playing this to distract myself from it.


Change your name and make your profile private, if you haven’t already. Will people still be able to see that you changed your name even if your Steam profile is private?


Profile’s already private, the smart ones recognize the badge and the profile name (I have a unique profile ID rather than a random string of numbers - and I can’t fix that, rather I won’t; don’t want to lose my unique URL).


only problem? I want more story. Seriously someone write a book about the setting for this game. I will read it.


People who think Arena is Hunt. Had one Monster that loved to run around eating in Arena. At the end, during Sudden Death, I cloaked as Hank and nuked him to hell.


I’m trying to make a rough outline of what an Evolve campaign would look like. Edit: In writing form