Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

  • trapper acts like energizer bunny expecting not to get downed.
  • trapper gets downed.
  • trapper rages about team.
  • trapper gets eaten.

Stick with your fucking team and I won’t have to down you when I get out of my fucking cocoon.


Wow its been a long time Terepin…

But you’re right, the regen perks are bae.

using regen brawler


**Back to Behemoth Basics

  • Team complains that I cheat.
  • doesn’t play correctly.
  • Collectively has less hours than I do.
  • Still says I cheat.

Bullshit. Grow a fucking pair, report me to 2K for all I give a flying fuck, they’ve not banned me yet and they’ve got no fucking reason to.

Listen. To. The. Words. I. Speak. From. My. Lips. I. DO. NOT. CHEAT. AT. EVOLVE. YOU. JUST. SUCK. AT. THE. GAME.


You’re saying that like them calling you a hacker is a bad thing.


I prefer not indulging idiots, but I’ve had a pretty horrid weekend so I went off on them.


I like when they call me a hacker. It means that you’re so much better than them that they think your skill level is inhuman. Take it as a compliment.


Reminds me of when i was trying to get a 100 winstreak. After 30 wins I got called out more often than not in the beginning of the match because someone thought i was hacking lol.

  • Counter-picks for Wraith (Slim/Sunny/Jack/Hyde).
  • I play Gorgon.
  • Failed attempt at counter-picking only to be counter-picked themselves.

I can play metagames too…


Yeah my win streak was around 36 then i reinstalled legacy then stage 2 again and the little notice telling everyone what my win streak was, was gone.

The bigget problem i have with maintained win streaks is that it causes people to flee the match early or before it even starts.


So, you think Stage 2 is Hunter-favored? So why do we lose every round when the monster has even the tiniest tad of skill?
You can’t tell me the game is Hunter-favored because the radar shows where the monster is, because the monster moves too quick to always know where it is when scanning at the start.
And making the cooldown 1-3 mins would be the same as just removing the radar completely, it would be useless then.


I was accused of hacking allot during my Wraith win streak days. 80 wins without a loss tends to make them think you’re pulling something on them.

Haven’t been on the forums for a bit, running through some of the old threads atm.


QP noobs. I swear, these guys skip every tutorial.



I got out of a game. I have a history with the premade I dealt with. Especially with a particular Eastern European Player who has a disdain for me, and I for him. Primarily because the twat likes to dodge and waste my fucking time in the hunt cue. Map’s Orbital Drill; Comp’s Slim/Bucket/Maggie/Torvald. I play Wraith with Hunger/Traversal/Grounder (I changed up my build again).

They counter-picked against Behemoth, which to be fair, I have been playing a lot lately. I pick Wraith instead 'cuz daily challenges and I don’t feel like playing any of my other mains. The shits decide to camp the entire game. I go stage 2 and look around for them near the relay (I found them). Have 3 engagements with me going back to the same fucking spot (they didn’t learn the first time). I go Stage 3 after the third engagement with 1 strike on Slim, 2 strikes on Bucket.

I proceed to pound on the Relay until Assault is stupid enough to get into my LoS, I get him with an Abduction and get a down through his shield (too late). I kill him after the shield goes down and I pull him farther into the relay room (Assault ragequit by that point), then finish pounding on the Relay because they’re too afraid to engage me. Do my usual exit from the exit lobby because I didn’t feel like waiting. Get them in my next cue… annnd right back to dodging again. This time with a one-liner.

FYI: Fuck you too, and get out of my fucking hunt cue if you don’t want my claws to tear you and your shitty team apart. I’m sitting here at least 20 minutes at a fucking time, I don’t need you to cue dodge just because you don’t like losing.


Been awhile since I came here I’m starting to get very pissed off again that people are playing the fuck out of elder kraken again and have the mind set to teabag after barely winning with 2 bars of health left (this is legacy btw). Usually I just play customs but that gets boring all in all I get bitter and I know if I catch those EK players in ranked what I’m going to do is cycle the team for as long as I can and teabag the shit out of them hopefully to the point they uninstall on side note I really really wish 2k would make the EK unplayable in ranked or just delete it


On PS4 I haven’t encountered a lot of Kelders on QP. I did see one though. When I used to play Ranked exclusively I rarely encountered any Kelders. It sucks whenever I see him as the Monster.

What is up with QP not wanting to give me Hunt? Yesterday it was stuck in a Defend and Arena cycle. At least it put me in the same game as Jayrob though.


O the elder is there my friend and any fairly new account that is silver master or higher is a elder player and even a few vets I mean 1 out of 3 players play it and they play it to get higher ranks hell I even had 1 act like a good sportsman one of our guys lagged out and he waited for him to return. I couldn’t believe it I was like really guy? Just kill us already so I can block you which don’t make difference anyway and move on to the next game which case he tbagged win he won but I could tell I definitely annoyed him by staying super close running around him in a circle I actually dodge quite a few of his abilities until he pounced me ftw he tried that a few times and missed which just really shows how bad he really is.


If I’m a sixty foot Monster that is on fire, why can’t I throw a rock and not have it stopped by a tree?! Someone’s internet was also bad at the start of the game because I saw Maggie teleport a few times.


Game mechanics, yo.


I feel your pain… It annoys me when I get my abduction stiffed by a breakable tree or I overshoot it because the instantly teleported out of the way.