Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


Do you have something to tell us, @Rapterror?



I just thought it was a hilarious ad for a trash game that would be appreciated in SSR4.1.


What the fuck compels you to use Kala with a fucking Quaira as the fucking medic?! SHE IS ONLY GOOD WITH BUCKET and possibly shields if she is used well enough.


How so?




Her healing is pitiful without bucket to keep the neutron field active 24/7. Shielding mitigates the damage to an extent, but it only does so much.


Whenever I go Quaira, my team all runs increased healing received perks. It works very well. I can see what you mean, though.


Has the whole buying perks and skins been fixed yet?


Unfortunately, no. :disappointed:


Wish it would, I could use the beyond the grave set for Hunters, so I could have all the perks again finally.

Also I might like to be able to buy skins again :’(


Its not been fixed. Best bet is to “purchase” it then wait, if nothing happens, just choose something else and it’ll eventually go through to the server(s).

They’re finnicky, it depends on when you attempt to buy them, the same goes for rewards and challenges.


Dat awkward moment @Terepin gets eaten by a plant that costs us the match…


Took me a while to realize the impact of that… eh, sticky situation.


Damn that rez tho

I should play today since the servers are fixed apparently.

Been too long since I played a match.


And rez with my name in it.:sunglasses:





I love how I have steadier frames in for honor, a new game, than in evolve, a 2 year old game.

> goes after laz FREEZE FRAME
> Goes after anyone else, FREEZE FRAME

jesus christ.

also I kept dropping from 40, freeze, then to 25, then back to 40, then freeze, then 25ish. rinse and repeat.


That moment when your teammates decide to fight a wraith in a dead end with 5 mile high cliffs that you cant roach around, then after losing the dome fight the trapper walks face first into the wraith without any awareness of his team being far away and well into 2 isolation stacks. He gets abducted and when i try to jetpack boost him out as sunny he wastes the entire fuel out of panic. He obviously died shortly after.
But the one who gets the blame for everything? Me cuz “muh support”.
They both had about 1.5k play experience yet can’t even understand basic positioning, its pathetic.


is evolve starting to grow again?


Only real problem. Not enough people play the game