Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


Yeah. I’m gonna write a bit to that guy, tell him thanks for being a bro.


Told them to pick up the buffs


It still gets my blood boiling that every time i play hunt 9 times out of 10 the three other players are determining rank. Like wtf!, what’s the percentage of people that are actually vets in this game or played more than 10 times? Every single f’n time the 3 others are determine rank and the monster is always ranked,why!? This is not fun getting stuck with people that have no clue. I shouldn’t have to constantly go out of my way to make pre-mades to have a decent team. Most other games do a good job of pairing you with people around the same skill base but this one, HA! I’m glad were getting more people involved but the ranked matchmaking is atrocious. Ok, I’m good now.


I fucking hate people that quit when they don’t get monster in Arcade. NEWS FLASH IF YOU WANT TO STRICTLY PLAY MONSTER PLAY FUCKING HUNT BETA.


Ooooooor sooooolo ooooor cuuustom


“If Evolve was a good game…”

No. If your mom didn’t smoke meth with you in the womb, maybe you would have the intelligence needed to understand something beyond the crutch given to you by other AAA games that play themselves now a days.


“Don’t move, it won’t see you.” I ignored the guy behind me and went after hank since they were standing still… “See.”

I haven’t laughed like that due to something in-game for a while.


T.Rex is next monster confirmed.


Is there a typo in here?

Also how populated is Hunt Beta on PC?


Could be. I couldn’t care enough to actually fix it if there is.

Some context: I was playing Bob on Distillery, Stage 3. I had killed the assault and medic. Assault says “Don’t move, it won’t see you,” in response to this, I ignored the closest person to me (wasteland/trapper) since they were standing still and went after Hank since he was moving around.

He goes “See,” in response to me doing that since I was playing along for a short duration.

'Bout a 5 minute wait between games in the monster cue and I’m in the higher brackets. That’s during peak times though. It’s more like 10 minutes late at night EST and early in the morning if you’re lucky. An upwards of 20 minutes at most. It’s miles better than it was back in legacy, but it’s still fairly slow.


Fixed that for you


It’s frustrating when new players don’t know how to play the game, but telling them to kill themselves is just uncalled for


Anyone else get this?


“Come on, medic” he says.
I’ve been following him the whole match trying to heal through his poor choices. He got incapped, twice. He says “I keep attacking”. "Do I even know my role?"
I haven’t fired a single shot.

Listen up kids: Just because you’re not magically protected with heal beams from start to finish doesn’t mean you have a poor medic. Medic can’t heal through your stupidity. You bear the responsibility of fighting “smart”. Try dodging now and then. And by claiming that I keep attacking when I haven’t fired a single shot, you just proved you have no idea what’s going on. So best to focus on your own role and not anyone else’s.





Let’s all enjoy the 0 skill set of the many new joiners to the evolve player base. Enjoy.


I was secretly hoping that you were playing Slim.


That would have been Lulz! But I was regular Val. I was wondering why he kept thinking I was attacking when he didn’t see a single weak spot on the monster.
From now on, I’m gonna use the headset I got for free but never used, to put guys like this in their place (which is hard to do with text chat). I just haven’t used it because I need to hear what my cat is doing in the apartment at all times.


10 minute que for a game. We lost.

Patience tested . . .


Yes, been getting this lately.