Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


Thank you, it’s just weird people only play laz and emet lately and slim…he disappears


EMET is on rotation an people might have gotten used to Laz working at low levels and think he’s sooper good?


Nah man… most monsters player now are high level


I was talking about skill levels.


Ok…skill level…you know what i meant


I’m just mentioning it cause some people still don’t know how to counter Laz I’ve seen it one person didn’t even know how laz worked.


They know but…hunters pick Laz anyway


Naw like some monsters really have no idea how to counter Laz at low skill levels. One of em got a down at stage 1 on the support and then immediately split not even waiting the 10 seconds to get the strike on the support.


Yeaah man pretty much it…but not working now since most players know how laz works

I miss slim…people don’t wanna pick him anymore😔 (coming from behemoth and wraith player here)


I hope all the Monster mains who use the Regenerator Martyr perks heal quickly.

Life must be tough with crutches that big


hey any hunter player here, still winning?

arcade now : arena simulator


Games are getting much bugger, also 2K is short for Y2K


Damn, I just saw some guys shitting on the game on facebook… They were all claiming it was just a cash grab and that the game was garbage…

I’m so pissed… I bet most of them didn’t even play the game. They’re all entitled to their opinion, but man… Could they at least TRY the game? It’s not like it’s free or anything


Console plebs. Keepo



Link please.


@Hxxx PCGamer’s Facebook page… I’m on mobile and I’m lazy, but the article (repost) is fairly recent, so you should have no problem finding it.

Sure, they can repost the bad news but they don’t even try to inform people about the petition or anythinf.


“Can you not run those perks,” you mean like you ran with any Slim and/or Sunny comp despite knowing they’d piss me off at the time? Now that the shoe is on the other foot, no. I’m not going to yield, I’ll abuse this fucking perk set until the end of time.

Further more; I have gotten hit-and-run tactics down to an art on the Wraith, you should’ve expected that and backed off when that happened.


This game will be dead within a month unless something is done


I hate to say it but it’s true


It may die, but customs with friends won’t…