Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


Same here, actually


I managed it down to finally deciding to 100% run-through shadow of mordor because I’ve been a bit put off the last few days
I only noticed this morning that yesterday was the first day I’ve not played evolve in months.
Shows how good a game it is though since its basically hidden my entire steam library since I got it


Bucket for Arena


/me slowly claps at the raging EMET that isn’t @Terepin.


I’m not sure I follow.


I met a jackass who was complaining constantly throughout my match and he was playing EMET (you don’t do that, I know); but since you’re an EMET main, he reminded me of you with your post-match rants.


And I take he was horrible Emet.


Yes, yes he was.


I’m yet to see a player that is at least as good as I am.


If you mostly play EMET, that’s not unlikely.


I’m not always medic. But when someone else picks him, I ask them “can you play him?” and their answer is “sure!” Unfortunately their concept of playing Emet is to keep throwing buoys until some shit happens.


Honestly, he’s always been a teamwork oriented medic. They need to know how to roach around areas…


But if you’re medic even half of the time, then your chances of seeing somebody you consider as skilled as yourself is always going to be lower than that of other players.


Even my friends didn’t encounter better Emet player than myself. In fact I’m the only one who is “allowed” to play him.


And Emet needs to know where to deploy buoys.


And the amount of people who know is depressingly small.


I feel sorry for every team that has Emet during this week’s free rotation.


Aye. I haven’t played him much lately being a monster main and a preference towards Slim, but I know how to space out the buoys and play him. More people need to know how.


Is Laz the only viable medic now? Or it’s just my ridiculous thought


I’m gonna go with this one…