Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

Funny GIFs, I’ll give you that. But from my personal experience (as Monster, mind you,) that Jack’s Repulser can barely even inconvenience me.


Yep. Not joking.

No. That would make 3/4 of goliaths abilities stopped by jack that would absolutely ruin him against jack.


And Kraken ruing game for Jack is OK?! And I so fucking dare you to say it is! I have never EVER suggested anything that would render any monster useless. If you took the time to read all replies you’d know that.

How would that change affect Kraken at all? Banshee mines? Sure you could try but shooting it is much more effective. So you’d be using it almost solely to stop vortex… wow such a huge difference. Maybe just make it more effective at keeping the kraken near the ground instead of adding things that will shit on goliath.

Uh yeah you did… RT being stopped by repulsor would make 3 of his abilities blockable by jack. Charge, LS and RT that’s pretty damn broken for goliath.

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Did I really?

3 abilities blockable unless you’re doubling or tripling the size of the aoe for RT it means he has to be right beside the hunters to deal his biggest burst damage so yeah still fucked. Also you won’t be able to land those rocks on people who float up in the air.


Sweet, ran into more instant win hackers. GG.


I’m not sure if I should be happy or disappointed that my average game time, barring matches with DDS and nDG, is around 3:30. I’m still getting matched with people that I can beat, stage one, and sometimes without even losing my armor, after what is almost easily 150+ games in ranked. You’d figure at some point this wouldn’t be happening anymore.

This is essentially what I’m running into. Just played this. This match lasted 2:50.

Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ever since i reach high lv i just see people leaving even my all 3 teammate just rage quit IM SO MAD AT THIS GAME ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my god im having a bad headach for this

Who the fuck picks Bob against weak players that probably didn’t see Bob before in broken matchmaking? An asshole, that’s who.

I dunno someone who knows Bob is massively UP and probably feels confident they can win while gimping themselves?

His damage is there and the DPS changes to the hunters helped a lot, but he still needs his passive DR to be worth a damn to the public. I like playing him on Distillery and WC (and I’ve been playing him a lot).



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Need a vote punish system for pricks like this… Like take some keys or drop their lvl.

Bro, with current broken matchmaking even my silent fart is deadly to newbies I’m being paired with.

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and bob is one of the weakest monsters just be happy they aren’t stomping you with a good monster.

Am I suppose to feel better when they’re stomping me with weak monster?!

Yeah you are because it means they’re going easy on the new people…