Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

Soooo tired of op as fuck kelder.

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Please stop posting racist hate symbols. Kappa


Well it wasn’t a Racist hate symbol…

Just went up against a premade, and their fucking Jack(al) was such an enormous pain in the ass with his Repulsor, I swear to god. Couple that with a Sunny throwing her Shield Drone everywhere and a Val with her Medgun healing any damage I manage to get in, and just to rub salt in my wounds, my keyboard malfunctioned halfway through. (Not that it really mattered, I was outclassed by far).

So in essence I got my ass handed to me fairly.

Still doesn’t make me any less salty, though.


Why the fuck can Bob tongue grab me through a fucking pillar he had no LoS on me but it grabs me and downs me fuck that shit.


This got me too a few times, it’s rather annoying.

‘Here little piggie…’


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Not like it did much.

Chalk it up to weirdness and move on.

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Because lag compensation.

It downed me?

I should have been out of LoS before I even heard the tongue grab unless he had like a full second of lag?

Maybe? I know that I get the amazing ‘through the wall’ Tongue Grab with Bob when I have about 100ms.

Please please if you’re going medic in a pug make sure you pick a medic that is good aka not emet or quira and probably not Laz

If you’re going support pick a good or decent support aka not Kala

If support or medic picks a UP medic fucking pick a good meta choice.

Never try to influence pug mentality.

I hate kala so much she’s just bad unless you have an actual team that is used to working together and using her and communicate.

How the fuck can you not find the monster before stage 2 with fucking planet scanner and daisy…

He didn’t even rush and evolve in 2 minutes you were just fucking terrible holy fuck.

Also you have CC FUCKING USE IT.

I say to myself ‘I want to improve my Monster game!’ But the solo buffs can be insane sometimes, especially if the randoms are coordinated, so I go to Hunt Beta.

And I keep getting really scrubby teams. Easiest 17 winstreak of my life.

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