Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

I was just part of the worst curbstomp ever.
It felt so wrong I wanted to say leave the poor monster alone.
A) couldn’t break Los
B) was playing Kelder as at a few hours for the first time
C) actually spent every dome trying to figure out what that big blue bubble was that he was now trapped in and trying to melee the walls down
I thought the was a forced monster tutorial or tutorials of some form that had to be done? Surely you can’t get a game not knowing what the dome is.

Oh boy, after playing a couple of matches yesterday in pub against what I can only assume are pro monsters… I can’t help but ask myself these questions:

Why does óne single juke mean a safe evolve to stage 2 on the other side of the map?

Why does the monster get half his armour when he is evolving and can thus simply evolve 80M away from the hunters and still dash away safely as long as the dome isn’t ready? Isn’t evolving supposed to be a temporary moment of vulnerability?

Why can the monster fully deny elite buffs from the hunters by eating them, but the hunters are at the mercy of some slow-ass decay time?
In Legacy, at least the hunters could shoot the monster of an elite’s corpse from a distance. That was there way of ‘denying a buff’ (though still inferior to the way the monster could deny it). Now, the hunters need to be right on top of the monster if they want to stop him from eating.

Why are undodgable abilities like Charge, Fire breath etc coupled with basic attacks enough to almost instantly down a hunter?

Why does it feel like stasis or tranq darts do absolutely nothing when it comes to CC’ing the monster in a fight? And only a god-like Griffin is actually noticable in stopping attacks?

Let’s follow up on that: Why does a single mistake by the hunters (fail to dodge a rock throw, fail to see a juke, make a small mistake when roaching) mean a pretty much guaranteed incap, but the monster can miss ability after ability, all he needs to do is land his combo ónce in order to stunlock and incap a hunter?

And even íf he fails to incap a hunter in a single dome… pfff whatevs! Monsters have PLENTY of health to spare. So much that a strike on the support/medic is easily worth 3-4 healthbars.


Incoming shitstorm from whiny monster players in 3, 2, 1…

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No, I actually agree with him on certain points. Keep in mind that I speak exclusively from my own experience as a Monster player, so take my words with a nice lil’ cup of salt.


Juking is a bit subjective IMO. Juking is a lot harder to pull off than you’d think, and it’s risky, because if the Hunters catch you doing it you’re gonna get domed and forced to fight. But juking depends on a lot of factors that can’t really be completely balanced. It’s a Monster stratagem, one that has to be countered by the Hunters.

As for the quick Evolve, well many expert Monster have learned the general best feeding areas, to where they will bolt the moment they have the chance in order to Evolve quickly. And this was in fact nerfed ever so slightly recently; all Monsters got a -10% Feeding Speed nerf.

This I actually agree with. The Monster has too much Armor right after an Evolve which means that you can Evolve even if the Hunters are almost right on your tail as long as there’s something to break LoS. We’ve got our increased Health, we don’t need this buff as well.

This I strongly disagree with. Charge, while easy to use doesn’t deal much damage. It’s primary use is to push one Hunter away from the others, while Fire Breath is for killing wildlife, deployables or getting that one Hunter with that tiny sliver of health down. In my personal experience I have to cycle through my abilities, (Smash, Charge, Rock, Fire Breath) in order to get a successful down against most teams, because people tend to dodge either the Rock or the Smash if they get the chance. And melees barely deal any damage; only heavies do notable damage IMO.

Allow me to assure you that it does. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to fight against Abe or Crow with their stasis, which make it difficult to get into position or bolt once the Dome drops unless you’ve got a traversal or two ready. It might not feel like it, but trust me, it does a lot.

I could go both ways on this subject, honestly. On one hand I’ve played as Hunter against some Monsters and it does indeed feel like that sometimes. But on the other, I’m a Monster main who knows how hard it can be to land some abilities, and how much you can be punished for just one mistake.

It’s not. Unneccessary health damage is never worth it, IMO.


I switched from arcade to coop because I was tired of being stomped by these Monster’s who combo you down in 2 seconds. But apperantly somebody turned up the AI so much, that they are doing these insane combos now too.

I’m just not having fun anymore. So little fun, I actually deleted my positive review. I will see if I ever right a new one.

Not really a Vent but just wanted to say it out loud …

Continuing the discussion from Balance Team AMA 10/04/2016 Answers:

Prepare your salt bags biotches … :smiling_imp:

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This post is far too reasonable to be in this thread


They joys a new character brings…
I wake up this morning an hour or two earlier than needed so decided to fire up evolve, but was not in for fun.
Battle Cabot - hell yeah I want to play him as Hunter before going up against him as monster.
So first queue I get assualt but it’s overpowered so let’s try this new loot create thing.
Get called a hacker by my own team because " no wayyou can 5 buffs hacker!" this isn’t even the self confessed noob monster, this is the hunters all sat with 5 buffs.
OK salty I’ll leave you guys to it then, we win.
On to next queue, glad those nut jobs are gone… Oh no they are back.
This time I take monster, hammer them with Kelder, next round what do you know… Same 3 twats are back, this time I have a Bob challenge, 3 minutes 57 seconds later i win again.
So from lobby after and hang around for 10 and come back.
Ffs them again so I start with daily challenge for meaty and a similar match. This time they have all muted me for offers by advice
I’m a hacker in this eyes because I understand laz and how to counter him.
The fact thier combined play time is less than 1/5th of mine there is no way I might just know the game a little better.
Can we please have a no queue option for players like this to avoid them?

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Quick vent; I don’t usually play monster, but the role was thrown onto me this one match so I figured why not?

Skipping the details of the first dome, I got domed a second time with 1 strike on both Maggie and Babot. This is the map with tunnels and stuff, and I got a dome with a bigass loop. Wee. I hit around and miss, kinda lagging so my move input always misses, blablabla, I run away in the loop to get armor yaddayadda.

Then the assault and support chase me to the edge of the dome. I hit them with a Charge smackdab against the dome wall; BUT OH LOOK. THEY BOTH FALL INTO A LITTLE CREVICE BETWEEN A TUNNEL EXIT AND THE DOME WALL WHERE ONLY MY FIRE BREATH CAN REACH AND NOT MY MELEE OR ANYTHING ELSE. Those little shirs stood there and fired away at me as I frantically tried to damage them. I couldn’t hit them. It was annoying as fuck. As soon as they were getting hurt they just ran down the tunnel too so I can’t hurt them at all. I typed “seriously guys, abusing god dome” but no response. I quickly died in that dome, but mostly I just gave up anyway. RIP me

Right I just came across the most vile player I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.
Now salty players are expected and as I was trying babot for the first time I seriously doubted get would all be happy with my sub par performance.
But this guy.
This waste of space started within 5 seconds of the dropship.
Not at me.
The trapper, now this was all voice chat and I can say with certainty those was an adult, that makes it all the worse.
He worked through the team and sent chat to the monster with the usual teenage "your mum/mom) stuff but ended up quickly moving to racism, Insulting every player that wasn’t him in every way imaginable.
This was beyond venting aswell he sounded happy at his own remarks l.
I have never until today actually reported any player in any game for “abusive remarks” but this guy ran past a line I’ve never seen truly crossed until today.
If I could name him I would because this was the single most toxic excuse for a human I’ve ever met in a game.
And I’m no stranger to this kind of thing in online gaming until today I really thought I had seen it all, yet he didn’t even have the excuse of being a kid.

I just had my first middle match quit. I wasn’t raging, I was just super disappointed.

Whoever thinks he encounters too many newbies in arcade or hunt beta clearly hasn’t played Co Op.

Lazarus on the team, Support gets revived by Trapper. I was literally PUSHING HIM OUT OF THE WAY WITH MORE TERROR THAN WHEN I WAS CHASED BY BOB.

Same match, Support gets revived by Laz. LAZ DIDN’T USE THE GLOVE.

I mean, fuck me, if you are a newbie, FUCKING ASK QUESTIONS ! How hard is that ? If that is too hard, READ WHAT YOUR ABILITIES DO !


Someone one our team kept Doming the Monster in the caves so we got slaughtered

Tfw every medic is Laz and every match with them I lost.

Then I stopped giving a damn and when I got medic I went Laz 3 times in a row.

…and won all 3 times.

What. Is. Happening.

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Did you attempt to ask him to stop?

Map was probably Wraith Trap. Arguably the most Hunter favored map. I get more god domes on Wraith Trap than on any other map combined.

Is he free this week?


It’s unfortunate but what can you do.

They put the blame on me

There’s a good chance that some of us are bitching about other players on that are also on this forum lol

Why do you always queue dodge when I run into you. I even tell you it’s me.

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