Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)

I see your point, but I don’t think that’s exactly why TRS buffed the monster. It wasn’t to force the monster to fight even at Stage 1, but more to ensure that if the monster gets domed at Stage 1 it still has a reasonable chance to fight back against the hunters.

And you totally can beat the Hunters at Stage 1; I’ve done it before. But I don’t see the fun in just immediately jumping them as they get out of the dropship. If I wanted that, I’d just play Arena and be done with it.

:weary: ikr. We domed Bob in an open space with one dead end cave area. He decided to hide in there with no wildlife using tongue grab in the most obvious way possible, following by rock wall to cage people in. We covered the area outside and not going in, but our assault :markov: decided to rambo in the dead end cave with Bob, ended up losing LoS and died although the rest of us were yelling at him not to go in there.

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Several times, I have been sent to the home screen, or disconnected from a match, before and after the match begins. Then, I receive a penalty. Whether it may be a countdown timer before I can play again, or points taken away from me, or receiving a loss for that match, or all of the above.

Can you please fix those penalties! I’ve been stuck on Bronze Elite for MONTHS, because of losing points, due to disconnections during matches that aren’t my fault.

Dammit! It just happened AGAIN! I was playing as a monster, and less than one minute into the match, all of a sudden, it said Monster Abandoned the Match, Hunters Win! I did NOT abandon the match, my connection was somehow lost with the server. IT took away points and counted the match as a loss.


You’re experiencing this because the game can’t tell the difference between you leaving, and you getting disconnected. Same thing happens in a lot of different games. The reason why this happens is because, someone could easily abuse a system that didn’t demote or derank you. They could simply completely shut off their system or turn off their router. That would classify as a server disconnect.

Hello @Kinectamaniac

I can definitely understand how annoying it is to receive a penalty because you got disconnected from the game. However, like @Shunty mentioned before, there can be many external causes for this and aren’t therefore related to the game.

I suggest to try some of the network troubleshooting steps here first:

If that doesn’t work, you can create a new topic and list everything you have tried and perhaps also a screenshot or picture of any error you encounter.

P.S. I have moved your post to the venting thread as you were (understandably) angry.

Pls ppl. Emets healing buoy is there to help you… so y u run away from it into a tight corner with no LoS for support? Stand closer to the healing buoy, you’ll live longer… but not that close, makes it too easy for monsters to destroy it AND you at the same time.

This is happening on my Xbox One, so your PC troubleshooting does not help me, at all.

When I am Lennox, please heal me if i am getting focused. I cant hold a combo if i am getting focused. Pls.

Isn’t great we are on consoles with rarely server disconnections :policeman:

Well since u said plz

A HUGE lack of monster players.

Everytime i start up Evovle, I end up playing 6-8 games as monster in a row until i get sick of it and start leaving games. EVERYTIME.

Monster players needs better incentive to encourage players to play it.

From what I understand. some players like vsing bot monster because its the only time they can win (for noob hunters)
but even they will eventually get sick of it.

The cant deny the game has become a 4 player co op. not 1v4.

I wish I had that problem. I don’t like sharing my monster slot.

I think it shouldn’t even be a delay.

Every down/death the monster gets should simply add 15 seconds to the dome timer, regardless of whether the dome is ready or not. That way there is some real incentive to engage.

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Soo Teleporting hunters… it happens when I abduct them, I’m starting to wonder if it is a bug rather than a hack…

I hate that Ranked isn’t a ladder to climb. I keep on defeating Hunters that are above Silver Skilled and get barely any points! I defeated a team with a Silver Elite and got 2 points! I should’ve got more!

I am tired of monster-playing idiots winning pub games without effort.The game is not balanced to play with randoms in team.It needs too much coordination which is stupid to ask from a matchmade party.Right now any decent monster can kill all 4 hunters at stage 1 if they are not a premade team

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Yup, exactly my problem with the game currently…

Best you can do is add good people you come across (should be easier next patch) ask around on the forums and the Discord Channel.

But simply launching up Evolve alone, going into Hunt and expecting a fun and fair match… nope.

But sharing is caring

I don’t share! That’s sibling talk!

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