Evolve Anonymous 2 (Vent Here!)


Turns out the Forum won’t let me clean-up the first Evolve Anonymous topic as I was hoping to, so here’s a shiny new one :slightly_smiling:

Use this topic to Vent about frustrating games you have played, and hopefully make yourself feel a little better through venting your feelings.

I will make it 100% clear that although this is a vent topic, it does not exclude you from following Forum rules. Over-the-top explicit language will result in your post being deleted immediately and call-outs will be edited out. Also it is not an excuse to attack other people or groups.

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Srsly trs!
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Um… What?

You refreshed this?


Just reset the topic since it was getting a little big :slight_smile:


Shh, be random, guys.


This is the vent thread, not the say something random thread :wink:


Who says it doesn’t allow for random venting? ^.-


alright ima say something maybe start a conversation
yet it still says thunderdome


Defend is fucking unfunny, fucking broken, fucking monster favored and every fucking shit you can think of!



Lost another 30 points due to incompetent Hunters…


Team play game that punishes you individually.


I’m edging towards Rainbow Six more and more because of it… More players are willing to play with me, 1 or 2 incompetent players doesn’t mean you automatically lose and the rank system is better, IMO, of course.



Yes, because fighting monster and minions at the same time with useless turrets is so fucking enjoyable that I’m going to piss myself!


You know, if you ignore the first generator and follow the monster and not let it eat, use cabot, you can finish defend in 5 minutes?


True, I do that all the time and it works :slightly_smiling:

Although against Bob… good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the reason I skip defend, not a favorite. Never played much of Evac either because of nest.


1 v 1 a meteor goliath as bucket and he tried to sneak pounce me multiple times while it was funny since everyone but me had 2 stikres so maggie+blitz kov+rogue val. The funny thing original monster was idle and left and someone else took over and our assault got mad at everyone even though I was doing my job and the other 2 were level 5. :smiley: I’m happy since monster because of me and the new assault (who died due to the previous leaving and complaining) finally got the trophy mano o monster but I can’t help question why assault would leave even though they are messing up. He left and I won us the game but still.


Don’t you just love when a player throws a fit and decides to do absolutely nothing. I just got out of a game not even 5 minutes ago with a Trapper that did just that. He gets in the game, and starts throwing a temper tantrum because he got Trapper instead of Assault. Hell I didn’t get Medic, I got Support instead, but I made due with it. So our lovely, and loud, Trapper didn’t use Gobi, didn’t use his Statis Gun, and the only time he domed was when the monster was gone, and trapped us inside. Thankfully the Wraith took him out at Stage 3 and we just said screw him. So my Cabot became a make shift tracker, and Val’s Tranq Gun did a great job at slowing the Monster.