Evolve and Steam Seriously!


Can’t play the game because whenever steam takes me offline for even 3 seconds it kicks me from a game entirely.
Ugh I was in a great game, steam blinks offline for a moment, instantly kicked from game. It’s so frustrating, at least give me a “re-join” button or something, I mean fuck.

tSteam derps all the time all year round, but also Tuesdays are maintenance days.
So are we just not expected to play any Tuesday of the week or something? Because I basically can’t play Tuesday since I could be disconnected at any moment from steam…


Never got that problem.


I think I was playing with a Dev too, he was a really fun wraith to fight because he didn’t just run non-stop, while also being really good.

Was looking forward to it, got kicked because steam decided to take itself offline for 30 seconds just because.


If steam never takes you offline, no offense but you haven’t had steam long or don’t use it much…
Everyone experiences steam derp now and then, and everyone does at random times on Tuesday when they are doign maintenance.

If you are saying that Evolve doesn’t kick you from games you are in when steam goes offline, that however would be a different thing, and that would mean this is a bug. Which would be great because it should be fixed.


But you can’t simply fix that. The game runs on Steam’s online services. Literally every Valve game will boot you off the server when steam goes offline.

You should do something about your steam going offline instead.

EDIT: Also, I’ve been using Steam for over two years now, and I never lived trough a derp like that. Sure, matchmaking fucks up, servers go down, trading servers are full of coffee, but never had it straight up disconnect like that.


Believe me, i use steam.

When Steam was offline most of the time i was offline myself so maybe i just didn’t make the difference.

But i never got disconnect from a game.