Evolve and PS4's update


So far as I know the PS4’s update is coming out tomorrow/ today the 28. Which has brought me to this idea and don’t know how or if it would even work but…

The update allows the share play function and for the people who don’t know what this is is that it allows for me playing the game to hand you the controls to your ps4 and then you play for what I think is like 50min

Evolves matches can last a quick game or long time, but what I am trying to get at is that if Evolves big alpha works with this than TRS is about to get possible tripple or more people getting to play this game over the weekend on PS4’s

This also brings up a question for @MacMan if this works as said will this help you all collect data by increasing peoples playing but its all still on one persons account or could this throw the ps4s data on this out the window.

P.S. This Weekend Rules!! So hyped lol


Probably doesn’t make a whole bunch of difference either way since we’ll get the same number of games played. Sounds cool/fun though. No idea if it works, but I am often out of the loop on things like that.