Evolve and Overwatch combo players on PS4


Looking for some people that play Evolve and Overwatch to a similar extent.

I am playing more Overwatch lately but just because I don’t have a group to play with on Evolve.

I am getting real rusty and even lost a Arena match with Gorgon the other day! I need to get back into the game regularly.

In Evolve my preferred role is Monster(Gorgon), but I also love Medic (EMET). But am willing to play any role, and with my surround sound can be a pretty BA trapper here and there.

In Overwatch my preferred role is Assault(Soldier 76), but I also love support(Lucio/Symetra/Senyatta), with a spinkle of Mei, Torbojrn, Reinhart, and of course Bastion. (Though I am tryin to get my skills up on every character)

Oddly I have been finding a lot of the people I play Overwatch with seem to have a real hate on for Evolve and get real loud and obnoxious when I even mention the game? It was really weird, but the one guy especially just kept trying to shut down any discussion of Evolve in any fashion, so of course I dont want to play with him any more, lol.

I need at least 3 more people for Evolve, and 2-3 more for Overwatch would fill out my roster nicely.

What say you all? Just add me on PSN if you down, same PSN tag as here “Phillyblunz”


P.S. A little taste of my Evolve gameplay, hey I never said I was great, lol.

P.P.S. And some Overwatch too


I’ve changed the category to ‘looking for group’ as you’re looking for evolve players too. Hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:


I play both, they’re both my favourite games! I play Evolve subsequently less as I am waiting for TU09 to drop. I’ll play with you anytime. My PSN is meg_is_here12. Add me!


I will try and remember to add you tonight.

I’ll be away for the next couple days but should be on tonight for a bit.



I don’t have overwatch, yet. My main during the beta was reinhardt tho I learned torbjorn, pharah, zenyatta, and d.va pretty well. I experimented with a bunch of other characters but I came in on the last couple of days of the beta so I didn’t have much time to really get a handle on most of the cast.

I play evolve almost everyday and I’m a better tracker than most even when I’m not actually the trapper, its almost impossible to hide from me, any monster that can lose me for more than a minute is someone I feel has earned a bit of my respect.

Psn is King_of_Games-SP


Sure I’ll add ya.


Not trying to screw up your thread, but if you mostly play monster, why do you want people to play with?


I likely mostly play monster as I dont have a group to play hunters with properly.

So any decent monster wrecks most groups of randoms I join into.

So if I had a team I would play more hunter games, as i really love EMET and Tech Sargent Hank.

Doesnt screw up my thread, it good for others to know before adding me so thanks!


I see. My Evolve friends abadoned ship pretty quickly and I was never good at monster. So, I usually played hunter with randoms. Although, I prefer evac against a bot. So, no big issue.

Anyway, good luck.


Same here, though I’ll definitely pick Evolve back up for a decent team of 4.