Evolve - alternative games


As i was on my way from home, a three hour ride, i listened to some podcasts about game design. At some point i thought how a Evolve boardgame would be. I am myself really into ameritrash games, preferable from Fantasy Flight Games.

So i made some things up in my mind, looked at some mechanics how i would transport this game onto a tabletop game. I went over games i played, looked what would work in Evolve too.
Basically, you would have some sort of map with different points as locations, everyone with a unique identicator and a corresponding card which with the monster would mark its way.

And then it dawned me… this game almost exists!

Basically Dracula is running away from 4 Hunters, getting stronger and laying traps on the way. All while staying mostly hidden and only leaving trails which the hunters have to follow. Engaging Dracula on your own is suicide, so you have to group up and go with combined forces in an epic showdown.

the sad (or good?) news is, that it is out of print.

Would you like an Evolve themed Boardgame? I would definitly buy it if it would go in the direction of Fury of Dracula. Maybe FFG is allready working on it, thats why FoD is out of print? (a guy can dream…)


Here is a guy on reddit who’s started working on a board game for Evolve.