Evolve alpha site doesn't work


So today I gave my code to a classmate, but it seems like we can’t open it. Every time we try to visit the page we get directed to this:

I know this isn’t a forum but I don’t know where else to post this.


https://www.2kgames.com/evolve/bigalpha/form.php should be the correct website.
Have you tried clearing your browser cache?


Ok thanks! I tried evolvegame.com/alpha/


The one flames has provided should be the correct link.

Could you tell us, how did you get the first (wrong) link so we can report to 2K games to be fixed in the future?


The link you’re talking about is the sign up for the first Alpha, where you had to fill out a survey to get entered that asked for computer specs and the like. Interesting that it is still there though, and that it doesn’t redirect to the BigAlpha page.


Oh yeah, I remember that survey. Wasn’t lucky enough to receive invitation that time though…

Calling @DamJess to look into this.