Evolve Alpha Posts


The Evolve Alpha is fast approaching, and with that will come new forum-goers wanting to talk about their experience on it.

Because the Alpha requires testers to agree to a strict NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), this means they won’t be able to publicly discuss their time in the game. So with that said, it would be super helpful if, when the time comes, everyone could flag any discussions that are about the Alpha as “off-topic” so it can be moved into the private Alpha category. In most cases, they are unintentionally talking about it.

The group effort to keep this Alpha under wraps would help Devs and Mods immensely and we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you to everyone in advance!


Will there be an alpha forum? Or do we just need to tag our posts as off topic?


If you try creating a new topic(as I did moments ago to check) you should have access to the Alpha category as a tester. It’s at the bottom of the list. Hope that helps @Link!


there will be an alpha forum. it’s listed in the email how to get in


There is an alpha category that only Alpha participants will have access to on the forums


i see it now, thanks, im at work and trying to be NSFW lol


Miss .exe in steam?


it won’t start until Friday. and 127mb is probably not the size of the file we’re all getting anyway.

though wouldn’t that be nice, with my 256kb/s DL speed internet. lol.


Looks like I didn’t get a code. Could anyone tell me if the game supports 21:9 aspect ratio? I wanted to test it out.


if we get permission, i’ll let you know the second I can. If I’m not allowed, then you’ll have to wait for a dev to answer :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply that will be much appreciated. If anyone has a spare code please let me know, or just PM me if there is 21:9 support.


When will developer testing be?


o7 Aye aye, captain!


Also, if you do get in, please someone make a negative review. (Not negative in the sense that you poop on the game for the sake of pooping on the game) but I tend to find the most honest reviews are the ones with the lowest scores. (Granted, half their reasons are usually not applicable to said score) but I feel that overly gushing helps no one :slight_smile: We already know the game looks and feels great from all the testers, I want the deep dirty secrets :slight_smile: And congrats if you got in.


Not sure if they can do much more than whether they liked it or not due to the nda


Looking forward to it!


Looking super excited to playing this Alpha!!


so hype for this can’t to play


If you’re posting in here didnt you get in?


It’s 13GB I believe.