Evolve Alpha Game Review


Hey guys!
I recently got the alpha release for Evolve, the new monster hunter game from Turtle Rock studios and 2K and I have to say it was amazing! I understand the game is not released yet but I wanted to make sure you all go look it up because it is honestly one of the best games I have ever played even in the Alpha stage!
If anyone is interested in game play footage and my personal video review of the game you can check out here

I hope you all enjoy the game and look forward to it as much as I am!
Happy Hunting!


In the released game you can play custom games where you can be the monster vs your friends :slight_smile: they did not have it in this alpha because it contained some unreleased stuff.

edit: was a close game at the end. Those are the best !


Also, we’re trying to test matchmaking and progression.


“I want to kill my friends!”

We want you to kill them too! You’ll totes be able to play 4v1 with friends on release.


I am so excited for the release and you just made me so much more excited! This game literally made me smile at the initial opening cut scene. I could not contain how amazed I was at the stunning gameplay. Overall 8/8 g8 m8! =p


Hahahahaha Good to know you support me in my homicidal tendencies xD And my one major worry about this game has been shot down. This game is now perfect…There goes my life xD


Yea, and now ign is revealing something evry single monday about evolve. They already showed some sneak peaks of the tier 3 hunters and weapons ^^


Who is your favorite character thus far? I am loving hank hah


Both monsters and hank/Val for the hunters. Have not unlocked all the hunters yet because i played way to much goliath ( got the elite skin :slight_smile: )


Haha nice! I haven’t played very much of the monster myself, I have gotten too far into playing with 3 friends hunting down the monster. It is so fun!!!


But the real question is will we be able to que in a party of 2, 3, or 4 people and have someone play the monster. Full 5 ques where you can use the monster are all well and good. But what if we dont always have 4 other people to play with, but we still want to play as monster?


In customs yes, public i think not. It would be way to easy to get the unlocks and cheat :confused:


they already said you can get unlocks in custom games.


Oh really? that surpises me, a lot of people are going to abuse that to farm stuff :frowning:


Not really. progession systems encourage that type of behavior regardless of public or private games


In public the monster will always be someone you don’t know so he won’t help you farm stuff, rarely it could be a friend yes. (and by farming i mean standing still and let val hit 100 tranq darts and stuff )


Yes I’m aware. I’ve already done it in solo que a number of times this alpha. Just because theyre random people doesn’t mean they dont want the next tier of unlocks. Random monster player you dont know wants them just as bad as you, sooooo… cooperation at its finest.


Thats diffrent tho. :slight_smile: I’ve had maybe 2 afk monsters this whole alpha and we killed it asap, not to farm. I want to play the game and get the unlocks that way not because you can farm them.


Im not talking about AFK monsters… I’m talking about 5 strangers in a lobby saying “Hey lets farm our unlock stuff” “Ok, Cool”. Its happend both times its been brought up… thats why It doesnt really matter if you are with friends or random strangers, people will find a way to make it happen regardless.

The point is that i hope we can still have fun playing as the monster, even if we only have 2 friends.


Damn really, guess i need to think less of random people? :slight_smile: