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I have always been a fan of really epic looking edits in games and really badly want to be able to take a step in doing it myself. If you are unsure about what sort of thing I am talking about I will leave a couple of examples here from csgo:

What I would like to do it create something perhaps not as in depth but similar in Evolve. I know we have no cinematic camera option but I have found ways around that.

I wanted to ask if anyone here on the forums who has good experience with After Effects & Cinema 4D?

I am so eager to learn but have no clue where to start so would love a push in the right direction to make some really epic content for Evolve.

Something not so usefulI made some videos for another game some years ago and would love to make one for Evolve. There are just some problems that make it difficult for Evolve. Games like CoD, CS are much quicker than Evolve. One kill (quickscope, trickshot, ect) take just a second or two. Leave some seconds before and after the kill and you have maybe 6-8 seconds for each good clip. Put a lot of them together, add intro, outro and some music and you are done. Evolve on the other hand is sloooow. I can't really think of something quick enough in Evolve to put it in a video edit like the ones you posted. Great Evolve moments are usually close matches in the last dome at the relay or something. Or you combo a full team to death in one arena. Those are epic moments if you play it or watch it live, but in such a video edit? idk if that works. A full orbital on an evolving monster is great in game, but in such a video edit? From Hank's perspective? It just doesm't look spectacular enough.

What I could think of would be “faking” a match with friends in a custom. When you think of a “story” and specific situations beforehand and then tell your friends what to do. You are observer and capture the right moments. That could become a great video if done right, but it’ll take some time. If I weren’t busy with work and playing in tournaments, I would probably do it myself ^^

Something useful:
I started learning after effects by doing a little intro clip for me and by following tutorials. A good site with tutorials is >videocopilot<. You can scroll down and watch one of his older, more basic tutorials. Hover over a picture to see a preview of the effect.
I followed this one >Fly by Titles< which is easy and shows a lot of basic stuff, but is still interesting and fun to do. Another one you could try is >Light glow<.

Remember tho, After Effects and especially Cinema 4D are no programs you just learn in a day. I would just focus on After Effects first, as c4d is too complex for just a little 1 sec effect in a video.
Think of a cool effect you want to do, then google how to do it and follow tutorials. That’s gonna be the easiest way. Just don’t do it the other way around, I mean, looking for tutorials before you got any idea what to do. You’ll just end up copying others and learning nothing.


Thanks man I really appreciate it. Just wondered if you could tell me if you legit bought after effects or cracked it in some way because the price is just PFFFFFF!

I think to start with I will get the trial but would like to think I have the programme for as long as I need.


After Effects on Creative Cloud is $20/month. There’s also a free trial period.

I have the full CC subscription, but I use Autodesk Maya for my 3D work and not Cinema 4D. I think you could get away doing some of the 3D within After Effects though, unless you’re talking about recreating like Val’s Sniper Rifle to get close-ups or something.


Where did you learn your skills? Do you have any examples?


I started out learning by copying YT or DigitalTudors videos step-by-step to learn the interface and how to do the basics.

I don’t really have anything in that style as an example, but here are some vids where I did most of the animation and editing for work. They’re a combination of 3D done in Maya and rendered and composited into AE.


Thats insane! I feel like I have a long way to go. I have the free trial but damn I don’t think 30 days is going to be enough and the its like £600 odd!


Yeah, it’s expensive to buy them outright. But then you have it forever.
After college they gave us our copies of CS5 Adobe Suite so I have that, but right now I have Adobe CC through my work.

Subscription Plans Link


This is one of my favorite CS:GO ones


Does anyone have footage released of Gorgon that doesn’t have any HUD or isn’t from the stylized trailer? I’m putting together an edit myself and I want to include Gorgon, but I REALLY don’t wanna have to add black bars to hide the HUD.