Evolve After-Credits Mystery!


As some of you might have heard there are very mysterious rapid beeps you can hear after you sit through the Evolve’s credits. I don’t know if the beeps actually mean anything but they may be code or somethin’.
Sadly I do not have footage of the beeps, but I do have a crappy phone-quality shot of the strange background it was showing.

I urge someone to man through the credits and record it since I didn’t think of that at the time.
Fellow Evolve lore nerds! I call to you to decipher this message!


Maybe morse code? I speak many languages, but not that one. Could someone attempt to decipher it?


Someone recorded it and put it in here


I’m fluent in morse but I couldn’t understand a damn thing. Then again, I left my computer and came back near the end of the message, but I don’t recognize it’s form. If I have a recording of it then I might be able to confirm or deny.



It’s not morse. Somebody supposedly figured it out.


Yeah I found that after awhile. I don’t really understand why this topic came back to life but I’d be nice if @SlinkyGuy could close it.


It’d be nice if I could?

Well, I appreciate that! Thank you very much.

But if it is what you would like, then that’s fine by me, good sire!