Evolve Add new levels already


It would be cool for 2k too come out with new levels or a prestige mode more achieve ments would be a good idea as well in a new update


They said they would add new levels, when new perks are made.


I reckon range and accuracy perks would be awesome.


Bonus Armor on Consumption for Monster would be sweet.

Like, 3 Star would be +25% Armor per meat (Example, ofc). Similar (But stacks) with what Behemoth got in the patch :stuck_out_tongue:

Hunters could gain an Animal-Sense ability for 25meters (So Spotter is still better). Maybe require Out-of-Combat to work or time spent not moving. Iunno. Seems potent to have Animal Sense passively, but at the same time… if the thing is within 25meters or so, you probably know it’s there already in MOST cases :stuck_out_tongue:


Rate of fire perk anyone? Yes I know Cabot shouldn’t use it but just don’t choose it for him