Evolve- A hero shooter?


Well with so many hero shooters coming out this year, like Overwatch, Gigantic and Battleborn, the age of the ‘hero shooters’ has really begun. But as I was watching gameplay n stuff, I couldn’t help but wonder, is Evolve to some degree a hero shooter? Through a little research, I found that a very general definition of ‘hero shooters’ is "Hero shooters are either multiplayer first- or third-person shooters that strongly encourage cooperative play between players on a single team through the use of pre-designed “hero” characters that each possess unique attributes, skills, weapons, and other activated abilities. While setting up a match, players on a team typically must each select a different hero than those selected by teammates, and as the match progresses, the players gains experience to unlock more powerful abilities for their hero. Outside of a match, players have the ability to customize the appearance of the heroes but with no other in-game effects."
Well I was thinking hunters do have to work together to achieve the objective and each hunter and monster is pre-designed. The monsters also do technically gain exp to unlock/upgrade their abilites as the match progresses.
Now this literally makes no difference to anything at all, but I just wanted some folks opinions so that I can put myself at ease. This is like an itch I really need to scratch.


Yeah, that’s what I’d call it, it does have characters that have their own abilities and tools and such, and the monsters being very different and unique, so yeah, I’d call it a hero shooter


Hmmmm. I’m not too sure if Evolve falls under this.


Overwatch has loads of heroes, but it’s still a hero shooter, movies and books (any story really) usually has multiple heroes, but one protagonist


I see where your coming from, but Evolve does not have diverse characters. Instead, there are 4 classes, so one medic won’t be very different from the next because they both have a HB.

If Evolve didn’t have classes, then this title would fit.


It’s a class bases shooter with a 3rd person player controlled boss.


It’s not a hero shooter. Evolve is really its own thing because of the 4v1 concept, one team of four and a solo monster player. Also most hero shooters/games involve two teams of equal size players like 5v5. The assymetrical nature of the game separates itself even further since the objective (the Monster) is always moving and isn’t static like a capture point, linear like an escort payload, etc.


Well thanks for all the replies and opinions y’all. Appreciate it!


IMO evolve is more like a mmorpg 5man dungeon encounter. The hunters form the 5 man group and the monster is the boss.


Its a class based shooter. Like the original team fortress.

MOBAs are mostly based on other games, not the other way around.


I’d say Evolve fits the hero shooter category, as well as it fits the class based FPS category, and the asymmetric multiplayer category. Nothing has to fit just one category, does it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Evolve is 100% a hero shooter.


Not a hero shooter. More of a class one, as each character doesn’t really have complete diversity in their abilities.


Can you elaborate?