Evolve: A Fantastic Game... Except for the Current Matchmaking


My online Evolve experience as of right now:

Step 1: Enter Multiplayer and select your game mode. (Taking
Skirmish as an example)

Step 2: Enough players are found, and the game loads the

Step 3:

Result A: The role select screen comes on, and I am able to
select the class/monster of my choice.

Result B: Get dropped into an already ongoing game, usually taking
over a bot of, or already locked into, the role(s) I put dead last in my

Result C: Get dropped into an already ongoing game in
spectator mode, sometimes even unable to bring up the pause/options tab to exit
the match normally, requiring a restart of the game.

Result D: Some manner of issue such as an expired session or random
screen freeze/black-out brings me back to the multiplayer lobby or main menu.

Results B, C and D all combined have an equal amount of chance
to occur as result A, which makes getting to play an otherwise very enjoyable
game an exercise in patience or frustration a little too often. I’m hopeful for
a fix in the near future, because the game hasn’t been out for that long. Even
just a toggled option, switching off the ability to join in-progress games
and/or bot take-overs would alleviate a good deal of the issues for me.

Thank you for reading.


I have seen the same behavior with Result C semi-frequently.


Matchmaking is my only complaint. Pick Hunt. Get dropped into Nest. Two people in lobbies. On and on and on.

I’m not a quitter, but this is starting to piss me off.


I rather wait few min for a game to start than take over another hank/maggie or dead close to death monster