Evolve a creature for turtle rock!


I think you all have good ideas! I have a good idea! but if we throw them at turtle rock they might become something more. something better as such I will start this to help us brainstorm out creatures for evolve. and just throw the creature out there but as such I will through my creature into the fray first. why I started this chat thing about this!

name: ???

sadly Im not good at naming things but that will not be to much of a problem will it

creature description: this creature I have drawn and posted on http://limictor.deviantart.com/art/Land-Whale-Beast2-533507985?ga_submit_new=10%3A1431823916. sorry if your not wanting to see that.

getting around: I see it as a creature that surges forward in order to move quickly. Through the soil unable to go strait through obstetrical but can dig or climb its way to the top. I think it may be able to jump out of the ground and dive right back in the soil http://limictor.deviantart.com/art/Jumping-533568850 . In order move even faster I think how fast you go is all about timing. on average I think it little slow so hunters will catch it with less problem.

ability’s: I think it should have a charge ability so it can plow throw the hunters http://limictor.deviantart.com/art/Charge-533564724 . knocking them back it should also be able to dive into the ground and jump up to assassinate creatures and lone hunters http://limictor.deviantart.com/art/Breaching-533570734?ga_submit_new=10%3A1431848547 and if it dose get the hunter it eat him! I do think that wen it is out of the ground something similar will happen like charging wen above ground if you must be under ground to do the ability It will jump into the earth then do the ability.
next up would be sink hole that is made wen you submerge they cant see you any more then the ground falls down below one hunter or more http://limictor.deviantart.com/art/Sink-Hole-533571555?ga_submit_new=10%3A1431849093 . and then you can get that poor soul and crush him with your claws. next is one I would call crushing claws you move to a hunter and grab them in claw after a short time your crush them in your claw and throw them away like garbage. that sounds fun to me. next I think I need to talk about its basic attacking and so I will I think it has to be above ground to do its basic attacks which are biting and swinging its claws which goes well with its next ability. your a long creature so why don’t you wrap your self around a hunter and crush them with your tail or hit them with your claws. wen your sneaking your dorsal spines will be under the earth deeper and if the hunter looks at you he will see you exhaling dust from the two holes on your carapace. wen the hunter tracks you and your under ground they see a line you leave as you pull your self through the earth or drag your long body along.

feeding: like a komodo dragon I can see it smashing things on the ground to get it in its mouth see it can eat it.

game play: I see this as a chance to be a big land shark whale and destroy hunters by eating them crushing them and plowing through them. also you will be harder to kill as most of your body is under ground but. your slow even at top speed they will catch you with more ease then other monsters. also odds are you cant dig through metal so wen your stage 3 you will not have 8 things you can do above and below ground only 4. there is no running you have to smash crush and eat the hunters in your way you would be long so they can shoot more of you you cant cram into a space without exposing your flank. you would want to avoid man maid things if you can but if you can still dig in metal you would be pretty fine most of the time.

now for the chat. post your really cool ideas and we and or I will try to help you or give you tips. or you can give me tips. good luck to all! have a great day. if a mod sees this and it should not be then please let us\ me know and I will take it down rather then have it locked. if that is possible.


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