Evolve $48 Pre-Order on GMG, Activates on Steam. NA & EU


Hey guys, Evolve Pre-Order on Green Man Gaming for $48.


Just use coupon code: WINTER-SALE20-GROGRE

Code will be delivered when the game releases. Activates on Steam.
Works for North America and Europe.

Happy Hunting :wink:


Never heard of them…are they legit?


Yeah. A continuation (though different code) of this thread:


Yeah, they are completely legit. I’ve ordered a couple of games from them already.
Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Aliens Colonial Marines.

Website reviews:

I would have posted in the topic AegisKleais made, but I was afraid people would miss it, and it’s a different coupon code.


I used it. Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks for the coupon code.

Just pre-purchased. :smiley:


I will vouch for them. I’ve bought a few games from them including some big new releases like Titanfall, Borderlands: TPS, and Shadow of Mordor. They email you a key that can be redeemed on Steam, and I’ve never had an issue with getting the keys on time. They’re a digital retailer, not a key reseller, so you don’t have to worry about getting stolen keys or anything like that. Plus they do these coupon codes all the time. If you sign up for their email newsletter you’ll constantly get codes for various games, including many new/pre-releases.


Good to know, thank you! I will give it a whirl.
Also thanks @HostileParadox and @AegisKleais.


I just heard of them last night on Gamespot.com

Mentioned in this article


I will also throw in my hat saying that they are legit. I recommend buying it for $45 and mailing $15 straight to TRS :slight_smile:


After messing around with my VPN, it looks like Green Man Gaming adjusts itself automatically based on what region you are in. So I think anyone from Europe could also jump in on this deal. It adjusts prices to Euros.


I’ve invested that $15 towards doing something groovy for TRS. Not a bad idea! It’s win win.


lol that is so cute!

for $15 will the dev team teach me pro tips on getting good?


Bump. Deal is back until Friday, for anyone that wants to snag a copy 25% off.


Same code?



Search for Evolve.

In checkout, use code: EVOLVE-THANKS-25OFFX
Came out to 44.99 USD


I already purchased last time, but I’ve forwarded this to some friends.


Keep in mind you probably can’t/won’t be able to preload. Often GMG only sends the codes out on release day. Just something to keep in mind.


I’ve been changing the code every time they put a new one.
Mostly its the 20% off coupon, but every once in a while they bring out the 25% off coupon.


My pre-order does not show up under my orders. In fact I can’t seem to tell that I pre-ordered Evolve at all from their web site, although I did when they had the sale. Is this a standard thing with pre-orders at GMG?