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I came to showcase my interpretations of Scott Flander’s Concept art for the Hunters. I got in touch with Scott and he said I should make a forum post about them so here it is! Really excited to hear any feedback as well!

Fox has a demon core inside him, like E.M.M.E.T. However, Fox would yell at everything so much that Abe tied his mouth shut. Now, fox only speaks sometimes, when In Omnic Laser Mode, or when damaged. Fox has a brother named Bolton later down the list who is focused on stealth.

  1. Thermite Rocket Launcher- splits into multiple rockets after 3 seconds, encouraging long distance gameplay. The singular rocket deals 150 damage, and all 3 rockets deal 60 damage each.
  2. Omnic Laser- Allows Fox to have increased fire rate and reload rate is increased, as well as damage. When omnic laser is activated, Fox shoots lasers out of his eyes and his mouth that was stitched shut rips open and he starts breathing fire. When in Omnic mode, Fox cannot move when in this mode however.
  3. Rage Reset- if ominc laser is activated, Rage Reset returns Fox to his normal mode. If Omnic Laser is not activated, the ability simply instantly reloads all of Fox’s abilities except his ult.
  4. Personal Shield.

Found Monster Close: …

Found Monster Far: …

Receive Shield: …

Receive Health: …

Monster Domed: …

Dome Down: …




[Dr. Wallace- Medic]
Dr. Wallace was part of the Lazarus Team. She is a Necromaniac, meaning she loves watching her fellow hunters die, just to revive them and see them die again. This is her reason for wearing a Modified Lazarus Glove… shes totally wack

  1. Dual Mode Berretas ~ Wallace holds 2 pistols, one dealing damage and one with healing rounds. Damage mode deals 12 damage and Health mode gives 60 health per shot.
  2. Specialized Glove ~ Wallace stands still as she revives fallen hunters that are in her line of sight and visible. Downsides to this is that she cant heal burst from far away to keep fallen hunters alive. If Wallace is hurt, her glove has to recharge over again.
  3. Ghost Shell ~ A burst of lazarus energy gives nearby hunters an effect where they do not get a strike when downed temporarily. The recharge of this ability is crazy.
  4. Healing Burst

Found Monster Close: Oh wow! Thats a bit too close for comfort…

Found Monster Far: No no no, this won’t do! It all the way over there!

Receive Shield: Thanks, but the faster you all die, the better.

Receive Health: Why must sweet death always be postponed?!?!?

Monster Domed: Chances of death has risen! Sweet Mercy!

Dome Down: Farewell, monster, may you rip us to shreds another day!

Damaged: Yes!! YES! KILL ME NOW!

Damaged badly: cough* ONE MORE BLOW AND IM GONE!*

Down: No bother reviving me guys, i’m very content here!

[Refugee- Trapper]
Refugee is a murderer, thief, hijacker, and has hundred of espionage counts on him. Refugee is the number 1 on the most wanted list in the galaxy. Cabot asked him to join in the team so he could clear his name/or send him into hiding. Refugee is not his real name. but he has to keep it a secret or someone like Val will definitely report him. Refugee also wears a mask to cover his face. The Timeworn Saber was an ancient artifact from the Centrix Museum: A very famous showcase of ancient, powerful weapons of ancient tribes.

  1. Web Gun- shoots a web at the monster that damages the monster for 30 damage, stops the monster from traversals for 10 seconds.
  2. TimeWorn Saber- Every consecutive hit increases Refugee’s movement speed by +10%
  3. Thermal Visor- Refugee puts on his thermal visor and scans the monster for a unbroken 3 seconds. If successful, the monster is highlighted through terrain for 20 seconds.
  4. Planet Scanner

Found Monster Close: Refugee, closing in on his prey… how typical…

Found Monster Far: No matter the distance, Refugee always finds his prey…

Recieve Shield: Strange, most people have never helped me before… how exciting.

Receive Health: Thanks Medic, your support is always welcomed.

Monster Domed: MONSTER! Its either YOU OR ME THAT DIES TODAY!

Dome Down: A hitman never loses his target…

Damaged: That’s just a scratch monster, bring on the real pain!

Damaged badly: This is more than I bargained for…

Down: Cr@p! Someone get me up!

[Rhino- Support]
Rhino is a former WWE superstar, who went by the stage name of “Rhino”. Rhino retired shortly before the monsters showed up and decided to jump in the ring again. I drew inspiration from Overwatch’s Reinhardt for this guy. I imagine Rhino would also have a German or a Russian accent.

  1. Smog Sprayer ~ deals 10 damage over time if the monster stand in the smoke. The monster does not gain any traversal recharge while hit with the smoke as well as a 1.2x damage multiplier.
  2. Titan Smash ~ Rhino jumps extremely high into the sky to either escape the monster or rejoin hunters. The earthquake that Rhino makes when he lands deals 80-86 damage as well.
  3. Stasis Barrier ~ A large oval barrier that Rhino deploys that move with Rhino’s head. Blocks a certain amount of damage fully but eventually runs out of energy or breaks. Think Reinhardt’s shield but once deployed, cannot turn the shield, but can still walk with it deployed.
  4. Shield Burst

Found Monster Close: Ho ho ho! He b$stards right here boys!

Found Monster Far: No one can escape Rhino’s charge!

Receive Shield: Here’s a little encouragement to keep on fighting!

Receive Health: Medic, greatly appreciated, but I think I got this!

Monster Domed: The Cage Match Starts!

Dome Down: Monster!? You have exited the ring! You should be disqualified!

Damaged: No matter the pain, I shall always bounce back!

Damaged badly: Argh, got… to… keep fighting…

Down: Down for the count as they say…

[Dr. Monroe-Trapper]
Dr. Monroe was the last person alive when her village fell into a sinkhole. Monroe went crazy and her mind went back to that of a kids.

  1. Pitching Machine ~ Shoots a baseball that packs a punch of radioactive chalk, tagging the monster and dealing 40 damage.
  2. Adhesive Grenade ~ A re-purposed baseball with spikes everywhere. Sticks to anything it touches. Can be thrown on creatures, the monster or set on the ground for the monster to walk on. Deals 12 damage and tags the monster for 2 seconds.
  3. Pixie Guards(2) ~ Set down a pixie to patrol the map. If a monster is walking or traversalling, and within 50 meters and has line of sight, it will turn towards the monster after 1 second and alert the hunters. Sort of like security cameras.
  4. Planet Scanner

Found Monster Close: Mu-mu-mu-monst… MONSTER!

Found Monster Far: I saw something move over there! Gah! Why do we want to investigate it?!?!

Receive Shield: What did you DO TO ME Support!?!?!

Receive Health: Why do I suddenly feel better? Medic, explain this RIGHT NOW!

Monster Domed: says to herself time to act tough Monroe…

Dome Down: Phew! I thought we’d be in there for a year or two!

Damaged: Why does my body hurt so much!?!? Monster, explain!

Damaged badly: says to herself ugh, that hurts a bit…

Down: Why can’t I Move!?!? Someone pick me up already!

[Bolton- Assault]
Bolton is in more control of his powers than Fox. Bolton has an alternate body, more sleek and dark. This is because Bolton focuses on stealth far more than armor. When in stealth mode, Bolton sacrifices the ability to shield himself.

  1. Movement Powered Bolt Launcher- the more Bolton has moved in the last 10 seconds increases the damage.
    something like 1 meter for 20 damage, and stays at the max damage after 10 seconds until Bolton stops moving.
  2. Shadow Core- Bolton vanishes like lazarus, except Bolton can deal damage while invisible. Bolton cannot use Personal shield while in Shadow Mode
  3. Clear Mind- Bolton returns to normal mode if in shadow mode. If not in shadow mode, Bolton charges the MPBL gun faster.
  4. Personal Shield.

Found Monster Close: So it seems the monster has started hunting us…

Found Monster Far: It runs from us… we smell it’s fear…

Receive Shield: I shall use this to my advantage…

Receive Health: I am once again, the apex predator…

Monster Domed: Everyone, give it all you’ve got…

Dome Down: We give chase once again…

Damaged: Critical systems are failing!

Damaged badly: Critical systems unresponsive!

Down: Someone, please, resurrect me!

[Hammerhead- Trapper]
Hammerhead is a wealthy bounty hunter. Sort of like Tony Stark, he has the biggest ego, even bigger thank Jack’s. Hammerhead’s visor is specially made to scan large areas, allowing him to spot the monster and lock on to it when visible.

  1. Explosive Round Rifle- Bolt actions rifle that does 100 damage with a small AOE.
  2. Superhuman Sense- Hammerhead slowly spins his helmet, and if the monster is visible to Hammerhead, he whips his head right to it and highlights the monster for 20 seconds.
  3. Harpoon Grapple- Hammerhead throws a futuristic whaling harpoon at the monster, acting like a harpoon if right clicked or acting like a grapple if left clicked, dragging Hammerhead right behind the monster.
  4. Planet Scanner

Found Monster Close: Hey, didn’t see ya there!

Found Monster Far: I don’t think it sees us yet…

Receive Shield: Another boost! And not to my ego!

Receive Health: I could have done fine without that Medic… but thanks anyway…

Monster Domed: Feel my wrath monster!

Dome Down: If I had made this dome, it would have stayed up for much longer, guaranteed!

Damaged: It seems whoever built this armor didn’t do it well…

Damaged badly: I think my Visor’s cracked… HELP!

Down: I’m not paying ya to just stand around everybody!

[Boris- Support]
Boris’s parents were taken by a Goliath when he was young. He was sent to an orphanage, but built his own jet pack to escape. Boris spent the next 10 years making his own custom armor. However, he got lonely ad designed a personal robot he calls Aeries. Aeries is basically a mobile Jarvis who only drops from the drop ship when Boris is downed.

  1. Hollow Cannon- stops the monster from smelling for 8 seconds and deals 30 damage.
  2. Recharge Ray- Works like Hank’s shield ray but speeds up reloads for a selected target’s abilities and weapons.
  3. “Aeries” Drone- when downd, Boris calls upon Aeries, who acts like a weaker Daisy until called upon. Boris takes control of Aeries and can shoot small guns, move around, climb, revive, but cannot jetpack.
  4. Shield Burst

Found Monster Close: Oh no, now that’s a bit too close!

Found Monster Far: Monster spotted!.. Ill catch it, I swear on it…

Receive Shield: Shield out!

Receive Health: Where would we be without Medics?

Monster Domed: I’ve caught another monster, now i’m going to kill another monster!!!

Dome Down: Don’t worry, I never let my targets live… no matter how far I have to go…

Damaged: Gah, everything hurts…

Damaged badly: Aeries, get *cough * ready!

Down: Aeries dropping in!

[Wotan- Support]
Wotan is the robot counterpart to Odin, the Norse God. He believes he is Odin, and carries a spear gun named Gungnir. Wotan was designed by Jack as well, to serve as a side kick. However, Wotan decided he was too high and mighty to be a side kick, so he became a god.

  1. Gungnir- A spear gun that shoots a spear that must be grabbed back manually. Deals 200 damage
  2. Rebound Bubble- shield a team mate temporarily, all damage done to them boosts their attack.
  3. Midnir Bot- Midnir flies out to the monster, like Slim’s drones. Midnir attaches to the monster until the monster uses a traversal. Midnir puts a crit spot on the monster, according to wherever it lands on the monster.
  4. Shield Burst

Found Monster Close: You dare try to hunt us foul beast?

Found Monster Far: Thar she blows, yonder thar!

Receive Shield: A blessing to all of you! May it protect you from death!

Receive Health: A god does not need health… sometimes…

Monster Domed: Foolish Monster! This is a THUNDERDOME!

Dome Down: The Storm has subsided, but Lightning always strikes more than once!

Damaged: You have hurt a god… expect to feel the pain that they bring!

Damaged badly: Curses, you shall not kill me while I still have strength!

Down: The God has fallen! I require a revival!

[Saint- Medic]
No one knows where the Saint came from. It came hurtling towards Shear during a difficult hunt. Only Cabot was alive… Then Savior slammed into the ground besides the monster and fought it. The monster eventually outdid the Saint, and right before it collapsed, it burst into a giant ball of light. Every hunter who died in the mission had returned to the place where it exploded. This is the mysterious power of the Saint.

  1. Cryosis Cannon- has 3 shots in a round. The first shot deals 20 damage, second deals 40, third deals 80.
  2. Crusader’s Sword- does a giant slice with the sword on the bottom of Saint’s gun that deals 80 damage and knows the monster back.
  3. Last Resort- Saint sacrifices itself to bring back all dead hunters, larger cool down for every hunter revived.
  4. Health Burst

Found Monster Close: =-][=-][=-=][-==-][=-=]

Found Monster Far: -=[=-[-[=--[-=][=-]-=[-=][=-][=-][-=]-][=--=[=-==-=]

Receive Shield: [===] [===] [[[]]] [===][===]

Receive Health: [==][==][==] + [==][==][==]

Monster Domed: ====== [=======] ======

Dome Down: ]-=[=[=-[-=[-=-]]]=[-==-][=-][=]-

Damaged: ======-[= [=-[=-=]=-p[=[=-[=

Damaged badly: ===== ]-=[=[-=]-[-=]]]-=-[==]=-[=]=-[

Down: ]=-[==[=]=[-=-=]=

[Albright- Medic]
When the monsters attacked, Albright was just a lowly engineer. His personality is that of a nervous wreck, who often doesn’t know social ques and what not. Albright felt useless, so he designed his Mech Suit, similar to Lennox’s. He asked Cabot to join, and Cabot said why not. Albright is still getting to know his team mates.

  1. Auto-Triple-Shotguns ~ Shotguns that do 12 damage at far range and do 60 damage at close range.
  2. Lock on Healing Drill ~ A healing beam that has a kind of aimbot which only works on hunters that are visible to Albright. does 100 healing per second
  3. Health Shield ~ Puts up a small personal shield that heals him and hunters around him and heals for 60 health.
  4. Healing Burst

Found Monster Close: Oh Wow, that’s really close…

Found Monster Far: There’s… well… something over there I think…

Receive Shield: Wow, thanks Support! What a nice guy…

Receive Health: Here’s a little something extra for everyone!

Monster Domed: Wow, its really big up close… oh geez…

Dome Down: It runs from us!.. are we actually that scary?

Damaged: Ow! that actually hurts really badly…

Damaged badly: cough I don’t think I can hold out much longer!

Down: I’m sorry everyone… but If you could just restart me suit, that’d be great!

[Griffin- Support]
Griffin is a Bucket variation more designed for aerial maneuverability and damage. The Griffin Bot is just a hollow robot until bucket’s consciousness is downloaded into it. Griffin bots were used in the Mutagen Wars for the second half of the war.

1.Gattling Gun ~ Much like Hyde’s except instead of reloading, the guns just slows down rate of fire, 10 damage per shot.
2.Target Assisted Lock On Nukes (T.A.L.O.N Rockets) ~ small nukes that hit the monster for 100 damage. Successful hits create crit circles
3. Sonic Pulse Orbs ~ Griffin’s chest opens up and puts a orb on a hunter, giving them increased damage, much like Slim’s drones. If attacked, the hunter loses the orb. Only 1 orb may be applied at any time,
4. Shield Burst

(same voice lines as bucket)

Xavier was left to his own devices when a Wraith Adaptation destroyed his home. His dad left him so he could escape while Xavier’s left leg was pinned under a wooden beam. The Wraith sliced it off, allowing Xavier to crawl away and hide until the attack was over. Xavier is plagued with revenge but rarely goes blind with rage.

  1. Tentation / Acceptance Mode / Health Mode ~ A flamethrower but with a healing smog that heals for 60.
  2. Tentation / Avengement Mode / Fire Mode ~ A flamethrower that actually throws flames for 60 damage.
  3. Ace up the Sleeve ~ Your Tentation gun temporarily shoots both fire and healing smog for 6 seconds.
  4. Heal Burst

Found Monster Close: Oh no, that just won’t do…

Found Monster Far: The chap’s about a mile away from here!

Receive Shield: Ah, a friendly helping hand! Many appreciations towards you good fellow.

Receive Health: Medical Aid has been supplied!

Monster Domed: We set the stage, now let the play commence!

Dome Down: Curtains closing, everyone go after it!

Damaged: Gah, this won’t do at all!

Damaged badly: Damn it all, my body is taking too much…!

Down: Hopefully I’ll live to fight another day!

[Dmytro- Support]
Dmytro is one of Griffin’s best friends. They met after a showing of one of Griffin’s movies and got along very well. Dmytro has learned how to manipulate the rocks and ground to his advantage. Dmytro is sort of like a human Behemoth in a way.

  1. Physics Gun- Picks up things around Dmytro and launches them, bigger things do more damage. Large wildlife cannot be picked up and large trees cannot be picked up.
  2. Terraform- creates a behemoth rock wall to trap the monster. The wall isnt as high as behemoth’s and lasts for 5 seconds.
  3. Rock Roll- Rolls into a ball that makes Dmytro go super fast, also like behemoth.
  4. Sheild Burst.

Found Monster Close: So you decided to come to us now? Crazy world…

Found Monster Far: Everyone, the monster has been spotted by yours truly!

Receive Shield: This will make you all ten times as durable!

Receive Health: Ah, nothing like a little refresher!

Monster Domed: Lets try to make this the final battle everyone!

Dome Down: It flees! How humorous!

Damaged: Its just a flesh wound, I swear!

Damaged badly: I can keep fighting, don’t worry about me!

Down: I only need my arms to fight anyway!.. But could someone pick me up anyways?

[Brick- Support]
Brick is a Gen 2 Mutagen Soldier. Before Gen 3, soldiers like Brick were created. Along with bug DNA, Monster DNA was also used. This made the Gen 2 Soldiers grow bigger, and always need food. When the war was over, Brick went into hiding in the wasteland. Kala saw him through her monster eye and tracked him down, as he is the last living Gen 2 Soldier. Kala and Brick get along very well and tend to discuss their monster stories a lot.

  1. Slug Shotgun- every successful hit applies a small shield to team mates near Brick. Does 32-10 damage for each shot
  2. Feast- Brick eats a dead wildlife to regain health/build up a shield.
  3. Buff Boost- any buff Brick has acquired can be burst out to nearby hunters for a half the time left of Brick’s buff.
  4. Shield Burst

Found Monster Close: You think you intimidate me? Think again.

Found Monster Far: Monster, its other there! Lets give it a reason to run…

Receive Shield: More armor for this juggernaught!

Receive Health: My wounds have recovered… thanks Medic!

Monster Domed: two monsters… one dome…

Dome Down: It bleeds from that battle, lets re-open its wounds!

Damaged: Your strength does not scare me monster! For I have my own!

Damaged badly: I have to push through this… its for the team!

Down: When I get back up… you’re going to get it!

[Overcharged Behemoth]
Lightning Based Adaptation

1.Arc Wall, raises a smaller rock wall that shoots lightning out of crystals that the wall is made up of. Hunters can climb over the wall and through the lightning, except they take damage.
2.Magnet Tongue- Throws out a shorter tongue that grabs multiple hunters instead of one.
3.Storm Chain- OB throws down a long straight line of crystals that call down lightning. This isn’t as wide as fissure and each lightning strikes continues down the lane, from closest to OB to farthest away.
4.Ball Lightning- throws a slow moving ball of lightning onto the ground that gets bigger and damages anything inside of it.

Skin Ideas:

Markov: Tesla Skin- blue instead of red, goggles instead of eye patch
Hyde: Jeckyl Skin- green instead of red, with a nicer shirt and a top hat plz
Parnell: Reaper Skin- a black skull mask covers his face and most of his red changes to black/grey
Lennox: Utopian Skin- A white/gold suit with light blue energy instead of red/orange energy
Torvald: Ajax Skin- His pilot uniform covering his chest and part of his arm.

Hank: Pheonix Skin- blue with hints of orange in places, like Caira’s Pheonix Skin
Cabot: Prestigious Skin- white with gold in certain places, makes him look posh.
Sunny: Speed Demon Skin- light blue with flame patterns
Kala: Corrupt Skin- all of her is monster like, or that could be a variation

Griffin: Red Carpet Skin- red with a white hat, gold mustache is a must.
Jack: Anubis Skin- special design on his mask and the eye of Horus worked into his mask.
Crow: Legend Blitz Skin- an elite blitzleopard hood instead of normal.

EMET: Death Core Skin: Red instead of blue, and a permanenelty angry face.
Slim: Radiated Skin- a glowing skin, like fallouts’s ghouls
Paladin P: Omnic Skin- his helmet in transformed into a destiny-like visor

Other Suggestions: (you guys can help out with this one as well)
-Win/Lose music
-Can we have aviary again?
-On Weather control, the density of the rain should be raised. Poor visibility is really effective if done right.

-Story Mode: Griffin Movies
[Deepest Dark] - Queen Gorgon
[The Abyss] - Kracken Onslaught
[World Eater] - Stage 4 collosal behemoth
[Mothership Ajax] - solo play as Torvald after his ship crashes, could bring back rescue mode
[The Crusade] - solo play as Saint, after he comes crashing down from the sky to defeat a monster
[Thunder Dome] - only characters in mech suits or who are robots can play as hunters
[Operation Black Sky] - solo play as bolton as he is the last one alive and must stealth it back to his evac ship
[The Mutagen War] - solo play as lazarus, hyde, or slim during the mutagen wars.


Cool idea,but i suggest you to make it easier to read
You can check out this template

Hunter/Monster name

Ability one
Ability two
Ability three
Ability four

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very interesting concepts. Needs a bit of formatting.
But overall well done. Try and hash out the ideas in more detail. I’m interested in the mechanics that each character will bring. :slight_smile:

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If anyone wants to see a hunter from https://www.reddit.com/r/EvolveGame/comments/2vo3am/old_concept_art_of_all_the_hunters/
let me know and I’ll make a character for it :slight_smile: