Evolve 3 year anniversary stream


Evolve’s 3 year anniversary is coming up next Saturday and I’ll be doing another annual stream to show my love and support of this title. I’ll be streaming Evolve most of the day and be playing/observing games with viewers and friends. Feel free to come check it out on my twitch page either as a viewer or potential player. This will be for the PC and we’ll be doing both Legacy and Stage 2.

I’ll also be showing older video clips and some good times I’ve had with this title over the years. Hope to see you there!


Wish I could play with you guys but I’ll be busy that weekend.
Hope it goes well!


At what hour will you do the streaming?


One thing I love is that I almost share the same Birthday with Evolve (just 4 days away from each other)

I’d love to be there

He said “Most of the day” so I’m not sure if that means starting right in the morning or more towards in the afternoon


I ask the hour because most of his streams begin at midnight in France and it usually ends around 1-2 a.m, it’s better to ask than not.


Time flies, man. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.


Yeah I feel the same way.

Next Saturday? I should be free depending on the time.

I feel like I want to play, but I’ve become a little rusty at the game.

Also Stage 2 or Legacy?


How hard could it be?

I mean…wait…I forgot the controls


I’m pretty sure I still have the skill, but it’s most likely the ones that still play the game that would roll me. But hey, I’m down for a few games on Emet.


Totally gonna play Hank :heart: :hank:


And me, monste-oh wait, Cow will be the monster…
So I’ll take…uuuh…I dunno, assault?


Please be the Monster. Cow is too OP


No worries, appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think it’ll start around 10 AM MST give or take. I’ll know closer to the date.

Ya it does. My 5 year old grew up with this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Both. Not sure which one we’ll start with, prally legacy though.

Nah, I might get in a couple games but 1) I’m super rusty, and 2) I’d rather spectate to allow for more people to play :slight_smile: Cowliath might have to wait more :smiley:


The one where trapper is actually fun.


Trapper is still ‘fun’ they are just not as important :frowning:


Ok, I think I already have that version installed, but even if I need to switch I got some fast download speeds.


Don’t think I’ll be able to play, but I’ll be watching the stream!

My laptop can’t handle Evolve :pensive:


As long as my wife is working, I’ll be watching or playing!


I read that as “if my wife is working…” Not as “if my wife is working.”

Like if your wife don’t work then you should stop investing in robots…


Just a reminder that this will be tomorrow. We’ll be starting off in Legacy mode at 10AM PST. I’ll be putting a list of those wanting to play. I’d like to start with a couple evacuation rounds and then some mini matches and then stage 2. If you want in please be able to commit to the timeframe. The biggest will be the first slots at start.