Evolve 2 With this title 9


Basically this new update is evolve two because they are relaunching the game. Their fixing all of the bugs and glitches changing everything and making it better. Its gonna be pretty cool, but I just don’t know how there gonna bring back everybody because its literally almost a dead game with 100. This game need 1000’s of people to play, to make a game different every time. Also maybe they adding some new modes. But it all for better cause. I’m excited for this update just steal my heart away just like when I first saw this game.


They have plans for this, they plan on advertising and possibly putting out trailers. So I wouldn’t worry to much, they’ve got this


All hail the Freequel!


I took a several-months-long break from the game because I wanted to wait for TU9.
Now I feel bad for not playing for so long.


I dunno if the people will return , evolve’s last hope is that this TU is as good as everyone hypes about and even better then that. If it fails. Bagpipe buriel song plays in background