Evolve 2 if they make it


If they make a Evolve 2 I want to see each character have their own background that you can play and learn more about them and even new characters


The way they are talking about changes the next title update sounds like Evolve 2 to me.


Inb4 someone complaining about even hearing someone mention Evolve 2.

Anyway, there is no need to make an entirely new game to add some sort of in-game"library" on all the characters lore and gameplay, that’s a feature that could be implemented in the Evolve we got right now.


only need for evolve 2 is if they wanted to add a more in depth single player/coop story. everything else can be a title update.


I swear there is a new Evolve 2 topic created every week these days… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have seen that Evolve is gonna be a franchise, look at this:

(Click me, I am a link.)

And if they plan to make a second opus of Evolve, they maybe are going to implement a story mode or something else related to solo because they think Evolve is too concentrated on multiplayer.


we didnt need a Evolve 2 if we would get more Hunters, Monsters and Maps
i really hope we will get a Tier 6 - 8 maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a few additional characters too, like I dunno… a medic called Priscylla Phoenix? :kissing:
A medic of fire and ash and healing!


I don’t think we need an evolve 2. Everything that could be added in a sequel could feasibly be added to this version.
A campaign, which I don’t think is needed, can be added as dlc in some way. New hunters, maps, monsters, game modes and anything else can also be added as dlc.


Co-op story mode would be cool. Some couch co-op would nice also. I’d like to see a little more costume customization. A little more control of Daisy or even customizable hunter pets.


So that link…makes me think of an Evolve like Bioshock Infinite
cough songbird confirmed t6 monster


Story mode and an 4 Vs A.I mode for folks to build up their skills.


The devs are still working on this game, let’s not disrespect their efforts by taking about a game they may not even be ready to think about yet :stuck_out_tongue:





Evolve 2 would be a massive mistake.

Content updates (big ones) and a “relaunch” would do wonders for goodwill.


yea, nothing a “evolve 2” could do that couldnt be added in now. graphics are as good as possible so you can’t try and do that. lol.

if there ever was funding for an evolve 2, those same funds can be added towards Evolve as additional content to begin with. we already have a moving storyline among other things.

plus, from a recent “appreciation comment” from macman, i think evolve 2 is far from happening and it seems they plan on working on evolve for quite a while!

i know right? nearly been like that since T4. lol.


Ugh, not another one… Not gonna happen. It’s so much easier to just implement new things to the current game, because it costs less and requires substantially less work.


Mind if I put my two cents in?

When Evolve 2 gets made (and it will, 2k will demand it), 2k will want there to be a campaign mode, since that was a major complaint Evolve’s hatedom had with it. So here’s how I would like that to be done.

The main story would likely be a co-op campaign. I think it could be split into 7 or so episodes, likely exclusively for the hunters. It’d probably tell the story of the hunters escaping Shear.

One the side, you can have a few smaller episodes telling character backgrounds. Fortunately, most of them would take place during the basilisk rebellions and the Sword, meaning props can be reused. I also think the Ajax, Factor and The Leading Edge (Cabot’s old team) could be incorporated.


Yeah, I’ve placed my input before. I hate all Evolve 2 threads because I see it as an insult to the Devs, the game, and more. However if I cannot provide constructive comments there’s no point in me commenting. :slight_smile:


Not to be an ass but 2K aren’t that tone deaf.

If they are then i’m sorry for TRS.