Evolve 2 ideas?

You are incorrect. Bungie owned the ip to halo and sold it to Microsoft. Most studios sell the ip to a publisher for the funding to make the game, but some work out other deals.

Please go read some Wikipedia or something.

Publishers generally don’t let Developers keep the IP.

Bungie isn’t a publisher. It’s a developer.

I said Publishers don’t sell IPs. Not even if they don’t need them. That’s true for most publishers, and I haven’t seen many exceptions.

yeah in like, 4 years

The game hasn’t exactly been out that long. I don’t even want to think about a sequel for the next 4 years :stuck_out_tongue:

1 reason being, the more time between now and the hypothetical sequel, the more time people have to forget the bad rep it got from bugs, DLC, and how the game was advertised. Added to which, a sequel would need new ideas, and new technology to enable it to have more/different features.

If a sequel was made, 1 big thing I’d say is (apart from marketing and DLC), if there’s a hunt mode, make sure there’s an arena. I think the game would have been a lot more popular if arena mode had been out at launch, and possibly playable during the beta. The problem with Evolve is, it’s not very friendly to new players, due to how much depth there is to the game. Arena is a lot more player friendly than Hunt.


Nope. Not with 2K publishing.

hunter v hunter, monster v monster, a co op story mode

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they sold it to 343 dummy

Hunter vs Hunter. Terrible idea. Not balanced at all. Monster v monster, same thing. And doesn’t fit the lore.

A co-op campaign story mode isn’t necessary. Maybe a more in depth evacuation type mode where they add a bit more story interludes would be better.

I think that they will be doing other things involving the lore that has been established.

Man, how cool would a game about the basilisk wars be? Like you could choose how you wanted your dna to be split (like ant, wasp, etc.)

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or you can be hyde and melt faces!

I would think that it would do it from both perspectives. one perspective on the rebels side and the other, hub, which you can pick to be either a Lazarus man or a chemtrooper.

So I can tank a nuke to the face.

cockroach survivability with the strength of an ant.



A sequel would be nice not from the same company though. Terrible marketing and servers. I would suggest selling the idea for the next if evolve to a good company like they did with L4D. Valve did a good job on L4D2, even though they hurry to release it. Evolve needs more features, like steam workshop. Better gameplay modes with maybe a campaign mode like in L4D. Right now Evolve is nothing without multiplayer. Nobody wants to play against a bot. I feel like the game is like one of those small independent companies that have like 1 gameplay mode and poor servers…

I would like to think of it as the Old Terran campaign from starcraft brood war
with monsters spin off of being Zerg

Human frontier has ordered for more support for control of a planet out into the far reaches of space. With this ship hired bounty hunters have come along to assist. Which was told an easy job. But while in cryo sleep for ( how long accurately speculate years of travel to said place). Something happens

Begin Monster campaign, Tutorial 2 part is the first sighting and goes over the basics with regular NPC soldiers
Then skips years of battle between the race war for dominance for the planet. Then the heroes show up to try and put an end to it.

Start of Hunter campaign which progresses on a line that there is places to take over. While some provided buffs. Some places encountered unlocks of new players to be achieved. Its a rescue mission that you play as that unlock-able. An that mission is entirely learning this character as monsters come threw a complex objective plot line.
Which back to the main point of which missions give what. You choose which way you want to go. At the same time. Those places can and will be underattack threw out the campaign and you can choose to go back and defend or keep going.

Monsters make a come back and slowly try to regain the playing field when it swaps back to their campaign.( This is after Humans have successfully cleared out all sites believing that they’ve won. But low an behold an eggsack and some over mind coming back and taking over it all once again and showing that youre breed of hybrid mutation and skill to evolve on the spot is nothing to mess with. Which leads to a plot line of some humans going to another planet thinking that this was a success. Which in the end is taken back over. An now With broken technology, Making plans to invade the other colonies for trying to destroy their home world. Revenge plot. Dun dun dun…

Shit… I have to get going to work. Bye for now!

Also should be side clips of sexual acts, drugs and drinking. Cause one… Who has the mental capacity to deal with this and not fall into a serious depression or anexity. IS WAY TO HEROIC. They all coupe in some way and should feel like real people dealing with real life problems. Yet these problems are the size of cranes and two tanks stacked upon eachother. There better be some jack daniels and something else to calm my nerves or I am just going to wave my hands in the air like I just dont care… CAUSE WE ARE DOOOOOMed when it comes to fighting these monsters. Which yeah. I like that feeling :smile:


343 is a studio created by Microsoft to work on everything in the halo universe. It’s made up of most of the old bungie people. Microsoft owns 343 because it’s a first party studio and they retain the ip on everything halo

2k owns the title. And if anyone should make another evolve, it should definitely be Turtle Rock. This game wouldn’t exist without them. I loved L4D but I thought the sequel was worse. It was a good game too but I liked the first one better.
Definitely no need for a campaign. But IF there’s a sequel, maybe tell the story more through the game a la TitanFall. By using an evacuation type of campaign they could do the same thing.

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I hate it when someone tries to talk about an Evolve 2 and everyone uses a gif to scream no at them. It happens in every one of these threads.