Evolve 2 ideas?

Anybody think a full fledged sequel will come out? I’m inclined to think probably not. To me it seems more likely that they will just keep adding content to the game we already have. I know it hasn’t been out that long so it’s not fair to speculate, so this is all just for curious fun. What would a sequel even entail? How would it be different from the original?

I hope not. o.O
I hope they just keep trying to make this one better, and balance it out, and make it fun for everyone. o.O
Evolve 2 would be sooo painful. O.o


See petstarr


I totally agree. I think it will be much better for them to just keep adding hunters and monsters and maps (perhaps new modes too) and get all the wrinkles worked out. I can’t even imagine a premise for evolve 2 to make it worth buying


It may not be worth making new DLC, as very few people are going to comeback and give evolve a second chance.

The marketing for this game was atrocious, and the fact that there was day 1 dlc at all (This Pisses people off) made many people who might have enjoyed the game say “No”.

Evolve is likely going to stop adding new characters after T5, as they were obligated to make T5 because of the PC Monster Race edition. I don’t know how well the new DLC sells.

A Sequel could be a fresh start. The gaming community at large considers Evolve a failure. Expanding this game isn’t going to change people’s opinions.

So, my main idea is.

No DLC marketing
Don’t sell people DLC until after the game is out. This should be obvious. Focus on the game you have, not the stuff that isn’t going to be in it for 4 months.

I also think that giving people a new monster for preorder counts as this. Ideally, set the PreOrder up with.

  • Get into all Public testing
  • Unique Monster skin and 4 hunter skins.

I like your thoughts. I think a big part of the game industry’s flaws as a whole is DLC. There’s so much stigma about what’s to come and what could be added, that we often get unfinished games. I’m not saying specifically evolve falls under this category, it’s just a generalization. Developers would rather sell an unfinished product and then turn the rest out later for extra profit.

I don’t think there will be. I think they have slightly messed up with the lack of content and the way the game was marketed at the beginning. Would they release an Evolve 2 with the current player base? With all the money they ask for it seems that it is a very expensive game to make? Maybe if they get the numbers up again.

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Yes they will. 2k can intice new players, and hopefully remove the stain of the marketing with a sequel.

It’s gonna happen, whether you like it or not. Just sayin.

They will sell the rights to evolve to another company that will make a better evolve experience I think. The idea is there, the game play and competitive gaming is there. It’s just the game breaking updates that have happened since the first update to the game. Every update kills off another hundred people of the already super small amount of people.

Such a sad thing too. It’s been a long time since I so deeply loved a game and this one just keeps breaking my heart.


Publishers don’t sell anything. Ever

Even if they aren’t going to use it, they won’t sell it.

EDIT: Anything meaning an Intellectual Property.

Really? Based on what do you think?

Oh, and cough* left for dead 2 cough

L4D is valve’s. TRS made it at Valve and when they left, Valve kept the IP. That’s how this works.

It’s Bogus frankly, but it’s how it works. TRS didn’t give it to valve, valve already had it.

Gamebreaking? This update has been phenomenal. Much more enjoyable game now.

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Fair point. But you are still wrong. Bungie sold their ip to Microsoft as an example of ip being sold. I’m unsure as to who owns the ip to evolve, but if it’s 2k, then they can easily have another studio do it like valve did with l4d.

The update has many problems, but this isn’t the place to discuss that.

Well, if we are going to talk about a sequel for some reason… here are my thoughts. We’ve got the competitive-multiplayer version of Evolve already and anything they want to do with that structure can be done with the first game. If there is going to be a sequel it should be something quite different, and one of the things people asked for over and over again was story. I still adamantly think that adding a story to this game would be a mistake and waste of resources on an otherwise amazing multiplayer game.

As such, Evolve 2, were it to happen, would be a great place to do a cooperative campaign setting.

Valve will buy the rights to Evolve in like 4 years, then they’ll make Evolve 2 with hats.

And then Evolve 2 episode 1. Then Evolve 2 episode 2.
And then no more content ever made.


Bungie didn’t sell the IP. Bungie had microsoft publish the game.

Publisher keeps the IP. That is the rule