Evolve 2 concept


These are all hypothetical propositions and are written with the intention to stimulate inspiration for the future of this beloved franchise! Feel free to offer suggestions and or where you’ll like to see this game go. This is all I could come up with and personally I think it’s BADASS! But to each their own; have at it community :wink:

MAKE US FEEL LIKE MONSTERS: More gore and aggressive violent take downs.-(If a monster grabs a Hunter and he doesn’t get shot at, -(it becomes a button tapping frenzy)- whether he can tear the hunter two in two.-(the hunter has to tap as fast as he/she can and it becomes increasingly difficult at stage 2 impossible to strong arm the monster if he is stage 3.)- He can either run away with both parts of the hunter hand in hand to eat it in safety or he can throw the pieces of their friend at you doing very little damage but decent knock back. Squeezing the hunters to death but not able to eat them afterwards would be very cool!Attack on Titan reference)- VS wild instead of the body slowly turning red and disappearing while you’re eating it, make it so the monster ACTUALLY tears the legs off the head off and/or gobbles up that sucker whole! Instead of it looking like it’s eating. Add some believable weight to the corp’s limbs and if you get shot while eating, the part you didn’t finish gets left on the floor for later or till another animal eats it. THE ABILITY TO TEAR APART OTHER ANIMALS AND THROW THEM AT HUNTERS WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME!

Monster Jump air grab like in the opening cinematic Goliath grabs Maggie out of the air and slams her on the ground/air tackle grab.-(if they’re in the air and in front of you, you can tackle them out of the air to the ground and pound on them)-.

Stage 4 Monsters. Introducing the hunter’s Jaegar for Pacific Rim style battles.

NEW HUNTER APPROACHES: An Asian Trapper Named Lee: A future Samurai with a super heated Katana-(Trapper’s rage: every consecutive hit doubles in damage but has a balanced cool down)- for cutting through monsters and he is armed with a plasma bow and arrow-(when the arrow hits its target it does a decent damage while linking itself to the nearest wall.)- He has a unique ability called hunter’s sense: not only can he see the monster’s foot prints but he can see a digital blue ghosting reenactment of what the monster was doing before he left that area. Then of course he has the throw dome.

Water maps.

Swimming for hunters and monsters.

More standard controllable mêlée attacks.

Slightly Higher map roof/better flight over terrain with flying monsters.

Bigger maps more players.

Ability-(for both monsters and hunters)-to Choose 1 Multi-perk bonus that gives level 1 stats of 2 particular perks no matter the level of prestige, it will always be base level due to two perks being enabled.-(multi-perk will give Star 1 level of climbing and eating. Or different variant combos of abilities Etc. )-

Vegetarian monsters would be interesting!

Mulitplayer Story: A small meta within multiplayer of loyalty vs rogues. Hunters are scattered throughout a large map looking to spot the monster to alert everyone to come to that area.

But if the Hunter chooses to side with the monster then he can lead it and deceive their own allies and shut down all base sentry guns and respawn carriers, preventing people from sending distress signals out. -(the monster at any time has the choice to kill the rogue: trophies/perks are given to both Hunter and monster based on their trust/loyalty)- If the rogue hunter doesn’t get killed then the monster protects the rogue from Sheer.

-(came up with this concept because this kinda happened one match: I some how made friends with a medic and the medic sniper shot cloaked bucket to reveal his location,we had an unspoken understanding, and we chilled for a bit. I decided not to kill him but destroyed the power station instead.)-

I noticed we have extra buttons not being used so instead of them being pretty: make the D-pad control 4 different taunts with each having separate upgrades and different effects.
You can taunt whenever you want: but can’t cancel out of it till it’s completed, you have to be close enough to the hunters/wildlife in order for it to work.

1 taunt Intimidation -(shakes the screen kinda like Lost Planet 2)- causes a slight deafening ringing in the hunters ears temporarily muffling all noise and disabling spotting for a short time.[How far this range goes and lasts depends upon the level of taunt you have achieved]

2nd taunt suicide-(a tacticle shriek to save you from heavy ground attacks or if used poorly: your death sentence! Lol)- causes all animals including Elite creatures to run to you and start attacking you.-(Got this from Attack on Titan)-[How far this range goes and lasts depends upon the level of taunt you have achieved]

3rd taunt Commander -(a short grunt)- causes all surrounding animals in the area to protect you. [How far this range goes and lasts depends upon the level of taunt you have achieved]

4 taunt is just a taunt to show off your specific unique attitude. [More taunts become available through taunting]

More gruesome violence?
Evolve. An honest post

i didnt even read the entire thing, i just scrolled through it to the bottom and noticed this.


They’ve already specifically said they dont want to resemble pacific rim.

outside of that. gonna continue on because its an evolve 2 thread.


For the love of God.

#Can we please stop the sequel threads?

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I agree on the whole stopping the “next evolve” threads. We simply don’t know what’s beyond teir 5 and adaptations. It’s highly possible in March they may tell us something new.


If you think that companies bearly start development at the time they tell you they are by releasing a teaser your sorely mistaken! Start now by offering input, not later when the game is done. It takes years of development time so make your suggestions! Just like development of the ps5 is underway, I’m happy with the ps4 but that’s just progress, that’s how you should live your life: prepare today for your future tomorrow! Not see what you can scrape together at a moments notice. Not wise…


This is not the way to go about it.

Stage 4? Evolve 2? Fuuck no.

These threads need to stop as @The_Mastermind said. They’re pretty much extremely disrespectful to the current game.


@10Shredder00 and @The_Mastermind, please stop. Your opinion on whether these threads should exist is disrespectful to the OP.

If you post here, it should be discussing the points of the OP, not ranting about how these threads have to stop. So enough of it.


If you guys don’t like Evolve 2 ideas threads, then please, kindly ignore them. One can tell that the OP put effort in making this thread and to receive only these kind of replies… please stop.


Evolve on a 3DS o.o

I’d love it if Evolve was on different platforms like PSP vita etc.

I’ve always loved the idea of water maps by the way. <3

Also, asking for a sequel doesn’t really disrespect TRS? It’s more like… I love this game so much. I want MORE. I want you to rock my world again TRS.
: D


…These are…uh…wow…I, uh…I’m at a loss for words. If all of this happened in an Evolve sequel, I’d have to drop out of the fandom. None of this would ever work except maybe taunts; and even then, this isn’t a game where you can dick around like TF2 or Smite.


Really sad that we are already talking about a sequel.

$60, then $30 for hunting pass 1, followed by $25 for hunting pass 2. Then maybe about another $20 on cosmetics. Did I waste $135?


Lol shredder is salty! How is this disrespecting? He wants more Evolve!


I removed the one sentence that sounded like a rant


The hunter sounds awesome, stage 4? Mabye for a specific game mode but not for everything. Yes to the water maps.


I was wondering how long it would take for @10shredder00 to respond, these threads are basically the bane of his existence.


Now now, let’s not start people. This is a community.


I’d appreciate the hunters and monsters both having a more powerful impact on the environment. A new stage with grassy fields that could be set ablaze, electricity damage doubling in water, monsters knocking down pillars, boulders, etc. to stop the hunters (and hunters, likewise, shooting out ceilings to slow a monster’s retreat or create confusion). Obviously this would all need to be carefully balanced and managed, but the applications are nearly limitless.


Slim, Evolve 2, Monster OP threads. Best hope you’re right in your opinion otherwise I’ll be sharing mine :wink:



But the monsters are op, also slim needs a buff…to spore clouds :wink:


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